• 2020.05.16

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I was running some errands! Errands for Buscarron I visited to Buscarron at Buscarron’s Druthers to get inform about the leader of Sylphs who don’t back from South Shroud. He was so nice about collecting information.There  was no way that it was for free.I decided to help him while information were collected. The Rule of Buscarron’s Druthers Buscarron’s Druthers is welcomed every customers.But customers must follow the rules. It is banned to make a trouble by drinking and struggling.There was such a guy, I went to draw up water from the river and throw water from his head. Deliver the Lost Earring Teteroon, who is a Qiqirn, had worked at Buscarron’s Druthers, and he had a lost earring.I brought it to him.Buscarron said Teteroon went to Limsa Lominsa so I went there to get his information.Teteroon had already left Limsa Lominsa.But luckily, his relative was there.He told me the place where Teteroon is. By the way, Qiqirns’ English level is as same as my English.They use easy words so it was easy to understand. Teteroon was in Upper La Noscea so I went there.I finally met him and I handed him his lost earring.It made him […]


  • 2020.04.24

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). I met sylphs, this time. All I Do Was Dance As I main scenario, I went to meet sylphs. They are cautious and they didn’t listen to me before greetings.Yda and Papalymo arrived, then we asked to meet their leader.However, I don’t gain their trust so they won’t let me see him. Yda suggested that the way to gain trust is greeting.So I greeted some sylphs.The way to sylphs’ greeting is dancing so I danced a lot. After that I helped to bring back sylph who left Little Solace.I had found her at deep in the forest, she was surrounded by the touched sylphs. I rout the enemy with Yda and Papalymo and we rescued her.Then the other sylph just arrived from Little Solace and we backed there. I could gain their trust. My Chocobo After saving the sylphs some areas mount speed were increased.I checked grand company’s seals there were more than 200 so I exchanged to chocobo issuarance.   He was bringing my chocobo!He said my chocobo has been in high spirits the past few bells.When I heard such a thing, he looks more cute:) Stydying Japanese I excerpt line from Yda. say = ねえ(nee)in […]


  • 2020.04.16

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Time flies when I’m playing FF XIV.I don’t exactly know what did I spend time this time, but it was not really progressing.(;’∀’) Forgotten Hunting Log Because of the Aetheryte Earring,  leveling is so easy.As of now, I’ve never have any troubles to level up so I completely forgot the hunting log.I went to East Shroud as my main scenario, I found the target enemy of the log by accident then I checked my hunting log.It didn’t finished level 11 to 20 and I was 28 level at the time.Every leftovers are at East Shroud, I decided to finish it.  An Event a Bunny Become a Bunny I enjoyed the Hatching-tide.Catching chickens were fun! I took this SS while waiting the F.A.T.E. Studying Japanese I excerpt from Wedge, Garlond Ironworks. At your service has some means. It usually use “なんなりとおもうしつけください( nannnarito omousituke kudasai)” or “ごじゆうにどうぞ( goziyuuni douzo)“. And when use the phrase introduce oneself, it means “よろしくおねがいします(yorosiku onegai simasu)“. In addition, I want to carry this line.Plus the receptionist was rather charming, don’t you think?plus = くわえて( kuwaete)the receptionist =うけつけのひと(uketuke no hito)rather = かなり(kanari)charming = みりょくてき(miryokuteki)don’t you think = そうおもわない?(sou omowanai?) It was Wedge’s first time […]


  • 2020.04.04

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). I was chatting with my Free Company’s members.But I was stopping a natural flow of conversation because it took times to understand and it was hard to express myself in English.firstly, I want to be able to understand what they say smoothly. Decide My Grand Company I started to decide Grand Company. My main character belongs to the Maelstrom so I wanted to change belong the other one.The Order of the Twin Adder or the Immortal Flames.I thought that the Twin Adder was good because I had started Archer.However, think about the meaning of the flag of Twin Adder, it is Elezen and Hyuran.I am Viera so it does not concern me.Finally, I decided to belogn to the Immortal Flames. I finished the first quest of grand company, then my chocobo’s quest was appeared.I was full of sprits to accomplish the quest but it required 200 grand company’s seals.It used to be required 2000 seals so it become easily.That being said, I have no grand company seals so it is still a long way off.(^^; Started to Mine I hired two retainers but I just can be an archer so my retainers too.I want to their jobs […]


  • 2020.03.18

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I enjoyed Little Ladies’ Day! Little Ladies’ Day As always, the story of this year was heartwarming.I was happy because I made children smils who struggle against disease. Grand Company I went to the Walking Sands as my main scenario, Minfillia gave me a Linkpeal.She will ask me some chores.(;’∀’) Officers form each Grand Companies visited me to recruit at the Walking Sands.The influence of putting down Ifrit was huge.I couldn’t decide which Grand Companies I belong to immediately.Then Minfilla proposed to decide the Grand Company after listening speeches by them. The Immortal Flames Sultana Nanamo is soooooooooo cute!It is her special seat on Raubahn’s arm.I know what’s going on of them so this shot was moving to me. After their speech, I talked with Alphinaud and Alisaie.It was the first time to talked with them so they told me thier names.They appeared from the beginning so it was surprising. The Order of the Twin Adder Kan-E-Senna was speeching.Snakes on the flag of the Order of the Twin Adder means Elezen and Hyuram. This is off topic but I had thought her hones were part of a comb.I noticed that these are padjal, recently. The Maelstrom […]


  • 2020.02.28

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). I fought to the Primal for the first time. Ifrit the Primal We were caught by Amalj’aa to summon Ifrit because of betrayal of two men tin the background. Then Ifrit appeared.The scene of its appeared was soooooo cool! I felt sorry for party members because Ifrit appeared scene began when we entered to attack and it was a little bit long.Everyone became Tempered, out of all I kept my own personality.It was fantastic. Studying Japanese I’ll introduce phrases the time to logout. English Japanese Reading It’s time to sleep. 寝る時間 neru jikan It’s time for sleepy bye. 寝る時間 neru jikan I’m going to take a break from the game. いったんゲームから離れて休みます ittann game kara hanarete yasumimasu English and Japanese are almost same.“nerujikan” is direct translation, and I often say “寝るね~(nerune)”.Sleep mean 寝る(neru) in Japanese. In the End I was out of time just related Ifrit quests this time.The betrayed men became Tempered so they might have no chance to appear again. I updated HELLO WORLD almost once a week now, but I’m planning to change to update once in two weeks. Thank you for your continuous support☺


  • 2020.02.12

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I was participating in the Valentione’s Day. Valentione’s Day It was the first time to participate in a seasonal event.The reward of the event is so cute:)I voted to Astrid, so I got rose series.Unfortunately, head gear don’t display.😢 The Man Appeared Again Thancred and I were disguised looks like poor to investigate lost people.We went to the designated place, a suspicious character appeared.The man from behind was the punk appeared at last HELLO WORLD.I was surprised because I didn’t think he has many chances to appear.After this, I said good-bye to Thancred and I went back to the Walking Sands to report to Minfilia.It stands difficult to get to so it is lazy to go there. Studying Japanese This time is abbreviations and they appeared before.I often see them at dungeons so they might be used often. English Japanese Reading o7 敬礼(けいれい) keirei ty ありがとう arigatou aight 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ) daijoubu In the End I wore matching clothes with Tnacred but the clothes wasn’t cute so I was not happy. I opened and went to Halatali, this time.And the battle with Ifrit is soon in main scenario! Thank you for reading.


  • 2020.01.29

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). What happened in this time?Let’s look at HELLO WORLD! The Man at That Time Do you remember this man?He appeared on HELLO WORLD 13.I was doing the main scenario at Camp Drybone, I met the man again.It was not a touching reunion.He was born and raised around here so he know well inhavitants.I was asking him about them.He made them work harder. The Sadness Town Drybone I noticed to visit at Camp Drybone and at Church Saint Adama Landama.That was, there were people who passed away.Let’s study Japanese from the woman was lost in sadness. Studying Japanese Woman covered her face with her hand:How am I to pay off your debts now, husband?Japanese:あなたの借金をどうやって返済すればいいの?Reading: Anata no syakkinn wo douyatte hennsai sureba iino? What?She looked sadly because her husband passed away, but actually, she worried about how to pay off. debts:借金(syakkinn)、負債(husai)pay off:(hennsai) Retainer Venture I was back to Gridania, I found a NPC with important quest mark.I listened to him, he worried about his retainer didn’t back yet.I went to see how things were going.His retainer went to the East Shroud so I went there.When I found her, she was surrounded by enemies so I saved her.I went […]


  • 2020.01.20

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This is the first HELLO WORLD in 2020.Please check it this year, too:) Hired Retainers Last time, I did the main scenario, I opened to hire retainers.So I decided to hire them! I chose Aura for the first retainer.How was it? She looks cool:) The second retainer is Hrothgar.It was the first time to make Hrothgar, it was fun!I imaged that they looked fierce but they didn’t.They have a kind expression. I love character editing.It is fun!But time passed so quickly.I made 2 characters, it passed 1 hour.😅 I couldn’t set their classes yet.So my retainers couldn’t go to ventures. Materia Assimilating I went Central Thanalan to go to Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan.Then I found an important quest mark.It was the quest of materia assimilating. I like this SS.The steam is beautiful. In the End I used almost time to edit retainers but I enjoyed it. I arrived at Camp Drybone.I opened Chocobo porter and guild leave so it will start main scenario next time. Thank you for reading!


  • 2019.12.28

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I met members of Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Swyrgeim Do you know this colorful woman?Her name is Swyrgeim.She had 2 important quests mark so I talked to her. Then she said…Swyrgeim: You, there! Yes, you, the decisively unfashionable adventure!(Japanese:そこのあなた!そのめっちゃダサいあなたよ!)I know I’m not fashonable but I think my clothes is not bad:(She gave me advise if I bring an orange juice.I had no choice but to bring her an orange juice.I gave her the juice, I learned to dye. I talked her again to do another important quest.This quest was that she was so thirsty so she wanted to order a blood orange juice.Wow! She really like orange juice!I ordered and brought it to her.Then I learned Glamours. She was assertive but her quests ware important to dress up and the quests were easy so it was okay. The Scions of the Seventh Dawn I went to the Walking Sands to meet the members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.I opened the door and enter the Walking Sands, Tataru was there.She was singing. I went underground, they were there.The adventures as a Warriors of Light is beginning from here! Abbreviations and Slang Words I went […]

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