Things Want to Get by Beast Tribe Quest “Qitari”

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Happy New Year 2022! There are items which can purchase only by the beast tribe and to buy these items are need to build reputation with a  beast tribe. Items are echanged by Qitari Compliment. Today, I introduce about items which can only get by beast tribe quest of Qitari. Minion There are two kind of minions. Each minions are exchangeable for 8 Qitari Compliment. The Behelmeted Serpent of Ronka It will be sold when the reputation rank to bloodsworn. The Behatted Serpent of Ronka It will be sold when the reputation rank to sworn. Great Vessel Of Ronka It can be exchange 18 Qitari Compliment when the reputation rank to sworn. It’s fun to enjoy with the Great Vessel of Ronka with the flute!! Hopl’s Dropple Orchestrion Roll It can be exchange Qitari Compliment when the reputation rank to Honored. This is the BGM at Qitari base. In the End In addition, the reputation rank of respected, Aged Oak Log can exchange. This is one of materials for Ronkan Rocking Chair. Aged Oak Log exchangeable 5 Qitari Compliment, so if you want the rocking chair, why don’t you exchange it? I hope this article is […]

[Mount]How to Get Gabriel A

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about “the looks of Gabriel A and how to get it”. Gabriel A It changes its appearance when it’s on the ground and it’s flying. On the Ground Flying Legs are reactable.On the ground, my character’s riding pose is unstable, but when it’s flying, she hold on tight not to fall.This is what it looks like from above. Prior to building a full-sized prototype of a new transforming armor dubbed Gabriel, project engineers created this scale test model to perform aerodynamic testing. While it passed said tests with flying colors, it was observed that its engine may be prone to running hot. “It would seem there is more to you than meets the eye.” – Yugiri How to Get It can be obtain from Southern Front Lockboxes which can get in the Bozjan Southern Front.Southern Front Lockboxes are dropped various items, and Gavriel α Identification Key is a rare item among them. Or you can buy it from the market board. Please check the minion which can be obtain from Sothern Front Lockboxes. In the End It loops when its form changes between on the ground and flying, and I really like the […]

The Way to Get a Mount “Amaro”

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Amaro like Chocobo in the First.At Temenos Rookery, Amaro are being raised and some Amaro speak the language of humans in Il Mheg. In addition, we can ride Amaro.This article is mount “Amaro”. Amaro Horn How to Get Amaro horn is a reward item for an achievement, to be level 80 every Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic except Blue Mage. TANK PaladinWarriorDark KnightGunbreaker HEALER White MageScholarAstrologian Melee DPS MonkDragoonNinjaSamurai Physical Ranged DPS BardMachinistDancer Magical Ranged DPS Black MageSummonerRed Mage Mount Detail Of all the mounts seen in Norvrandt, naught is more ubiquitous than the amaro. Originally created by the mages of ancient Ronka, who selectively bred the flightless cama, present-day beasts carry the seed of their ancestors, which may manifest in the form of superior intellect. That ever-so-endearing “gwee!” It’s enough to melt a man’s heart, I tell you. – Lamlyn In the End Patch 6.0 is coming soon! If you have job that don’t reach level 80, why don’t you level it up and get Amaro mount!

The Mount and the Outdoor Furnishing [Moonfire Faire 2021]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I introduce about the mount and the outdoor furnishing which can get by Moonfire Faire 2021.*Tabletops aren’t include. About Moonfire Faire 2021 Please check here about the outline of the event. The mount is the reward. To get outdoor furnishing and tabletops to exchange from Fire Token, which can get to complete the event FATE.It required to exchange five Fire Token for each.You can get 15 Fire Token when you complete the FATE with the highest rate. Polar Bear Using its original action, a big snow crystal is appeared, then shower down small snow crystals. Moonfire Mask Stall Past Moonfire Faire items, Moogle Mask and Namazu Mask are displayed.If you want to wear them, not just look at them, you can purchase at online store.They are on sale now!

“MOONFIRE FAIRE” is Coming Soon![2021]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). The Eorzea summer tradition “Moonfire Faire” is coming soon! Outline of the Event The Event Period From Friday, August 13, 2021 at 1:00 a.m. to Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)*The seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded. The Place to Order the Quest and Requirement The event quest can receive an order at Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks, X:11.5, Y:13.8 from Mayaru Moyaru. You should be upon level 30. Event Items [Mount] Polar Bear Horn[Tabletop] Costa del Hielo[Tabletop] Grilled Corn[Outdoor Furnishing] Moonfire Mask Stall Polar Bear mount is sooooo cute!!I want to pet him.

Things Want to Get by Beast Tribe Quest “Amalj’aa”

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). There are items which can purchase only by the beast tribe and to buy these items are need to build reputation with a  beast tribe. Today, I introduce about items which can only get by Amalj’aa. Minion There are two kind of minions.The reputation rank of Trusted, each minions are selling for 250,000 gil.They look like just different colors, however, Founder seems to be a replica of a great historical figure of Amalj’aa. Wind-up Founder Wind-up Amalj’aa Drake Horn (Mount) The reputation rank of Trusted, it’s selling for 120,000 gil.It use to acquire Cavalry Drake.It’s cool to breath fire!! Outdoor Furnishing (housing) The reputation rank of Trusted, you can get them to exchange “Steel Amalj’ok” or to purchase by a gil. Amalj’aa Supply Carriage It’s large and has a strong presence.You can ride on top of it but it looks like floating in the air. Amalj’aa Pavise Shield It is bigger than AuRa. Smoulder Orchestrion Roll The reputation rank of Friendly, it can exchange 3 Steel Amalj’ok.It’s the BGM at “Ring Of Ash”. In the End The Amalj’aa Vender is also selling dye colors and some of them are not available at the usual shops.So if […]

A Mount & Minions to Exchange Gelmorran Potsherd

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). You can obtain Gelmorran Potsherd at the Place of the Dead.I introduce about a mount and minions which can get to exchange Gelmorran Potsherd. The Way to Obtain Gelmorran Potsherd -A bronze coffer in Place of the Dead-Complete floor 50 and 100 Disembodied Head Exchange 10 Gelmorran PotsherdAs the name suggests, it is the head mount.Place of the Dead means Edda, and Edda means Avere.So this head means… In Japanese, the callout when you mouseover is that “ADDEEVOLI”.It doesn’t know what it means at first glace, but if you read it backwards, it becomes “I LOVE EDDA”. By the way, there isn’t to read backwards in English. Minion Hecteye Exchange 3 Gelmorran Potsherd.  It looks grotesque.I can’t find it cute point(lol). Wind-up Sasquatch Exchange 3 Gelmorran Potsherd.  The head and body are unbalanced, and figure is especially cute from the side. In the End The Place of the Dead is up to level 60 so sometimes I feel inconvenient because there aren’t enough skills.And this content takes time.But you can get the mount and minions and there is a story.If you have never tried there, why don’t you go there?

Sabontender Emperador

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about Sabotender Emperador. Sabontender Emperador How to Obtain Sabotender Emperador is the item of the Gold Saucer.It is required 2,000,000 MGP to exchange and it’s the most expensive prize. Detail of the Mount It jumps up and down while it moves by walk.And it uses balloons to fly. It so stands out, because the body is big and lightning.It better to not ride on at PvP.(^^; In the End Sabotenders are famous of Final Fantasy secies. I recommend to challenge the Fashion Report to make MGP.Because we can get 10,000 MGP at least. I hope this article is helpful for you.

Things From FF VII in FF XIV

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Final Fantasy VII was released last week! Have you ever played it?There are things come over FF XIV from FF VII. Advent Attire They are Cloud’s gear from Advent Children.You can get it by Veteran Rewards rank 1(60 days). SDS Fenrir This is also from FF VII Advent Children. It is an optional item and you can purchase it at Mog Station. It already increase the speed a first stage everywhere.The riding BGM is “Crazy Motorcycle”. Minions Wind-up Aerith Wind-up Cloud Wind-up Tifa Every minions can buy at Mog Station. Modern Aesthetics- Strife This is a prize such as official contest winner.So it is the really rare item. Sources From FF XII -Manderville Gold Saucer-Materia-Knights of Round-Tiny Bronco(airship) In the End There are many original things from every Final Fantasy series. There might be more things from FF VII. Why don’t you play both FF XIV and FF VII. I hope you’re enjoyed from this article.

Mounts Made From Cloudsbreath

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Do you know “Cloudsbreath”?It is the item to make mounts and there are 2 kinds of mounts now.I’ll inform you the mounts made from Cloudsbreath. Flying Chair The job to make it : AlchemistRecipe : Master Alchemist V Required ingredients;-8 Cloudsbreath-1 Riviera Armchair-30 Water Cluster-30 Lightning Cluster The Riviera armchair can make by Weaver Lv 42. Magicked Bed The job to make it : CarpenterRecipe : Master Carpenter VII Required ingredients;-4 Cloudsbreath-4 Undyed Velveteen-3 Enchantedn Elm Lumber-30 Wind Cluster-30 Ice Cluster The Undyed Velveteen can make by Weaver Lv 24.The Enchanted Elm Lumber is the item at the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah. In the End The Enchanted Elm Lumber is the hardest to get.So if you can get it, why don’t you make the Magicked Bed? I hope this article is helpful for you:)