Hair Styles Which Exchangeable Wolf Mark

  • 2020.01.15

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). There are hair styles which can exchange Wolf Mark.It needs 18,000 Wolf Marks so you might be not sure if you should exchange them or not. This time, I’ll show you the looks of these hair styles. It easy to see highlight, main color is white and highlight is black. Fashionably Feathered <Front and back>  <Right and left>  It looks like Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 little bit. Styled for Hire <Front and back>   <Right and left>  It puts in French braid on right back. In the End These can get to exchange 18,000 Wolf Mark by Storm Sergeant at Wolves’ Den. It might be getting tired to straight games.So ti is better to do Frontline Roulette. If you want to try these hair styles, why don’t you challenge PvP? I hope this article is helpful for you.

How Many Houres Have You Played FF XIV?

  • 2020.01.11

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Have you ever wanted to know how long do you play FF XIV? The Way to Check the Total Playing Hours It’s very easy. /ptime Type is this on chat window.It tells you echo so no one can see your playing time. When you type that wards, it appears your total playing time in your chat window. Playing Time Isn’t Concerned About Skilled Playing time = logging in time I don’t play FF XIV all time when I logging in. While I was logging in;-to fall asleep-reading manga-watching Youtube-away form keyboard-using smartphone…and so on. There are many time to do another thing while logging in. So playing time is just enjoy by looking at. In the End I have played FF XIV over 5 years.I was surprised to see my playing time because it less than I expected. It’s easy to know your playing time.Why don’t you trying it? I hope this article is helpful for you:)

Let’s Get Minions!

  • 2020.01.06

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Players, who just beginning FF XIV, think what are minions.This article is about minions. What Are Minions Minions = pets walk with you in FF XIV. There aren’t any skills and growing up these are big diffence from Summoner’s pets. They jusi walk with you.Players cannot command or operation. The kind of minions are increasing from patches.Minions are one of a game element to collect them or to walk with your favorite one. How to Get The way to get minions are below; quest reward make by crafters gathering buy from shops reward of dungeon cleared exchange achievement point bonus itmes with official books or official CDs You canget minions just playing FF XIV.Some minions can sell on the market and rare one can make gil. Registar And Summon When you get minions, they are in iventory.Choose a minion and select “use” from item menu, you can register it on minion guide. To set the minion on hotbar, you can summon and retun it.And you can summon a minion directly from minion guide. To Collect Minions… Minions are one of a game element to collect them. But there are reasons to collect them. To match Lord […]

Happy New Year! [2020]

  • 2020.01.02

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). 2020 is beginning.How do you spend?I’ll look back in 2019. Look Back in 2019 I began this blog in February with Ekott(@Ekott_ff14).It was the first time to begin blog for us so everything was new. I’m studying English so this site is good place for me. I’m so happy to access to this blog from foreign country.Thank you very much:) My New Year Resolution I want to write this blog more often. I didn’t have enough time to play FF XIV last year.So I want to play more this year! In the End I realized again to begin blog that how good FF XIV is. I’m thankful to you to read my blog. Best wishes for 2020!


  • 2019.12.28

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I met members of Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Swyrgeim Do you know this colorful woman?Her name is Swyrgeim.She had 2 important quests mark so I talked to her. Then she said…Swyrgeim: You, there! Yes, you, the decisively unfashionable adventure!(Japanese:そこのあなた!そのめっちゃダサいあなたよ!)I know I’m not fashonable but I think my clothes is not bad:(She gave me advise if I bring an orange juice.I had no choice but to bring her an orange juice.I gave her the juice, I learned to dye. I talked her again to do another important quest.This quest was that she was so thirsty so she wanted to order a blood orange juice.Wow! She really like orange juice!I ordered and brought it to her.Then I learned Glamours. She was assertive but her quests ware important to dress up and the quests were easy so it was okay. The Scions of the Seventh Dawn I went to the Walking Sands to meet the members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.I opened the door and enter the Walking Sands, Tataru was there.She was singing. I went underground, they were there.The adventures as a Warriors of Light is beginning from here! Abbreviations and Slang Words I went […]

Let’s Enjoy New Year Festival “Heavensturn”! [2020]

  • 2019.12.26

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Have you played Starlight Celebration, Christmas event in FF XIV?It will be finished on December 31 so if you don’t play it yet, be careful!Right after Starlight Celebration, Heavensturn is coming! Outline of the Event The Event Period From Tuesday, December 31 at 7:00 a.m. to Tuesday, January 14 at 6:59 a.m.(PST).*The seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded. The Place to Order the Quest and Requirement The event quest can receive an order at Limsa Lominsa: X:11.5, Y:13.9 from Nezumi Bugyo. You should be upon level 15. Event Items [Head] Crimson Nezumi Kabuto[Head] Cobalt Nezumi KabutoThese armors are the left image.It images Japanese zodiac.2020 is year of mouse. [Tabletop] Heavensturn Bounty[Seasonal Miscellany] Magicked Prism (Advent Cakes)They are the middle and the right image.I want any items motif of Qi1irn. In the End Heavensturn is coming right after Starlight Celebration.Seasonal Miscellany is good for SS.Let’s have a blast the New Year festival!


  • 2019.12.19

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Edda who often appear in HELLO WORLD, told to me. To the Goblet The Goblet stands high place so view is nice.By the way, there are empty grounds for S size houses.I think players didn’t have much gil so it was hard to buy ground even S size when housing begun.But now, players have enough gil so they expand their houses to M or L size. I was a HERO While I was talking at the Quicksand, I heard woman’s scream!I jumped out from the Quicksand then I saw a lady was getting involved with punks.She asked for help but no one looked her in their eyes.Then I went to help like a hero!  Edda Made Up Her Mind She talked me about her fiancee, Avere and her new determination. To the Gold Saucer A young man gave me a ticket to the Gold Saucer so I visited there.The building stand out seeing from in airship.I was exited to go there.I was busy to open the aethernet, Fashion Report and Doman Mahjong.And I took part in GATEs so I could earn MGP.I need to save up MGP because there are many things I want to exchange. […]

The Christmas Event in Eorzea “Starlight Celebration”is Coming! [2019]

  • 2019.12.14

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). The Christmas event is coming in Eorzea!I will introduce about items that we can get form this event. Outline of the Event The Event Period From Wednesday, December 18 at 12:00 a.m. to Tuesday, December 31 at 6:59 a.m.(PST).*The seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded. The Place to Order the Quest and Requirement The event quest can receive an order at Old Gridania, X:10.2, Y:9.4 from Amh Garanjy. You should be upon level 15. Event Items [Chocobo Armor]Saintly BardingThe left image’s chocobo wear it.It looks warm so it is good for winter and so cute! [Orchestrion Roll] Starlight de Chocobo Orchestrion Roll [Wall-mounted] Choir Concert Advertisement[Tabletop] Starlight Roll Cake[Wall-mounted] Starlight Goobbue WreathThese items are in the right image.The illustration of advertisement is cute so I want to display it.And my top recommendation is the goobbue wreath!I really want it in real life. In the End Christmas is my favorite season so I also like Starlight Celebration.I like cities are celebration mode in real life and in Eorzea.I don’t know what happen in this event but I am so excited and I hope you too.Have a good Starlight Celebration.

Increase the Speed of Mounts!

  • 2019.12.03

Hi, ths is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Do you know that it is able to increase the speed of your mounts? Mounts Speed There are 2 stages of speed, run on the ground and flying/swimming.Flying and swimming of speed are the fastest from the beginning. Run on the ground, however, there are 3 grades.Fulfill areas conditions, the speed of mounts will increase a grade.Each mounts are same speed.*SDS Fenrir is an exception, it already increase a grade from the beginning. Check Your Mount Speed You can check your mount speed from the Mount Speed window under Travel in the Main Menu. Mount Speed menu is like this. It shows speed with stars. none: not increase yeta star: First stage2stars: Second stage The First Stage The first stage is via quest lines.The quest is below; Quest Location Brotherly Love Middle La NosceaLower La NoceaCentral ShroudEast ShroudWestern ThanalanCentral Thanalan Come Highly Recommended South Shroud Power of Deducation North Shroud When the Worm Turns South Thanalan In the Company of Heroes Eastern La Noscea Lord of Crags Outer La NosceaUpper La Noscea Eyes on Me Eastern Thanalan In Pursuit of the Past Coerthas Central Highlands History Repeating Western La Noscea Every Little Things She Does Is […]


  • 2019.11.30

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I have no friends yet, but I enjoyed my time. A Team of Three My archer’s level became over 30, so I received archer’s class quest.When I arrived the guild, there ware already Silvairre and Leih Aliapoh.The guild master said me to accomplish by a team of three.Then Leih said such a thing. Leith: The three of us? You mean Karin, myself, and…? Wow! She was hostile towards Silvairre.But he could give as good as he gets. Silvairre: It would be better if I went alone. The Miqo’te and… the other one will only encumber me. They had a squabble about that, Luciane, the guild master said us “Go right now!” so we went to accomplish the quest as a team. While we were looking into, we were struck.  We defeated our enemies, there wasn’t Leih.When we found her, she fought to Pouh Mujuuk.Silvairre helped her out of a crisis.I felt like to close the distance between their hearts. The archer’s quest was in the South Shroud, so I dropped by Quarrymill.I opened the Aetheryte, chocobo porter and guild leves. Momodi Modi I was reporting about Tam-Tara to Miounne, there was a party in a trouble.Oh, […]

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