• 2020.04.04

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). I was chatting with my Free Company’s members.But I was stopping a natural flow of conversation because it took times to understand and it was hard to express myself in English.firstly, I want to be able to understand what they say smoothly. Decide My Grand Company I started to decide Grand Company. My main character belongs to the Maelstrom so I wanted to change belong the other one.The Order of the Twin Adder or the Immortal Flames.I thought that the Twin Adder was good because I had started Archer.However, think about the meaning of the flag of Twin Adder, it is Elezen and Hyuran.I am Viera so it does not concern me.Finally, I decided to belogn to the Immortal Flames. I finished the first quest of grand company, then my chocobo’s quest was appeared.I was full of sprits to accomplish the quest but it required 200 grand company’s seals.It used to be required 2000 seals so it become easily.That being said, I have no grand company seals so it is still a long way off.(^^; Started to Mine I hired two retainers but I just can be an archer so my retainers too.I want to their jobs […]

Mounts Made From Cloudsbreath

  • 2020.03.29

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Do you know “Cloudsbreath”?It is the item to make mounts and there are 2 kinds of mounts now.I’ll inform you the mounts made from Cloudsbreath. Flying Chair The job to make it : AlchemistRecipe : Master Alchemist V Required ingredients;-8 Cloudsbreath-1 Riviera Armchair-30 Water Cluster-30 Lightning Cluster The Riviera armchair can make by Weaver Lv 42. Magicked Bed The job to make it : CarpenterRecipe : Master Carpenter VII Required ingredients;-4 Cloudsbreath-4 Undyed Velveteen-3 Enchantedn Elm Lumber-30 Wind Cluster-30 Ice Cluster The Undyed Velveteen can make by Weaver Lv 24.The Enchanted Elm Lumber is the item at the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah. In the End The Enchanted Elm Lumber is the hardest to get.So if you can get it, why don’t you make the Magicked Bed? I hope this article is helpful for you:)

Hatching-tide is Here!

  • 2020.03.24

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I thought the Little Ladies’ Day had finished, this is informed for next seasonal event, the Hatchin-tide.I feel seasons by seasonal event in FF XIV. Outline of the Event The Event Period <Chapter 1>From Monday, March 30, at 1:00 a.m. to Sunday, April 5, at 7:59 a.m.(PDT). <Chapter 2>From Sunday, Aplil 5, at 8:00 a.m. to Monday, April 13, at 7:59 a.m.(PDT). There are chapters but it isn’t announced what will happen each chapter.Both chapter 1 and chapter 2 have only a week so be careful to miss it.  The Place to Order the Quest and Requirements The event quest can receive an order at Old Gridania: X:10.2, Y9.4 from Revelrous Rabbit. You should be upon level 15. Event Items [Head] Rabbit Head[Body] Rabbit Suit[Body] Dapper Rabbit Suit [Tabletop] Stuffed Rabbit[Wall-mounted] Hatching-tide Advertisement The Rabbit Suits are wore in the left image.The Dapper Rabbit Suit is changed to ribbon from fluffy neck and is difference fluffy sleeves.  In the End We can be rabbit by the event.Those are the items to get for collectors of costumes! I’m interested in the detail of each chapter!I like the music of the Hatching-tide.It makes me fun:)Let’s have a blast!


  • 2020.03.18

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I enjoyed Little Ladies’ Day! Little Ladies’ Day As always, the story of this year was heartwarming.I was happy because I made children smils who struggle against disease. Grand Company I went to the Walking Sands as my main scenario, Minfillia gave me a Linkpeal.She will ask me some chores.(;’∀’) Officers form each Grand Companies visited me to recruit at the Walking Sands.The influence of putting down Ifrit was huge.I couldn’t decide which Grand Companies I belong to immediately.Then Minfilla proposed to decide the Grand Company after listening speeches by them. The Immortal Flames Sultana Nanamo is soooooooooo cute!It is her special seat on Raubahn’s arm.I know what’s going on of them so this shot was moving to me. After their speech, I talked with Alphinaud and Alisaie.It was the first time to talked with them so they told me thier names.They appeared from the beginning so it was surprising. The Order of the Twin Adder Kan-E-Senna was speeching.Snakes on the flag of the Order of the Twin Adder means Elezen and Hyuram. This is off topic but I had thought her hones were part of a comb.I noticed that these are padjal, recently. The Maelstrom […]

What’s Going to Happen to Decline Duty Finder?

  • 2020.03.12

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). You might have such a case that is you do something while applying duty finder then your application has accepted but it is bad timing.So you decline the application.Be attention! There is a penalty for declining apply. Penalty of Declining Duty Finder About to Cancel of Duty Finder To cancel of Duty Finder is to decline or to be running of time after confirmation of participation window appeared.It is not correspond with this to cancel before your application has accepted. Penalty of Duty Finder You can’t apply to duty finder for 30 minutes when you decline or time out three times a day. Why There Is a Penalty? According to these results, it is thought that to implement the penalty. -SabotageThere are people who sabotage or harass to repeat to cancel. -Many players had declinedThere were many decliners before to implement the penalty.It used to occurs to miss to go dungeons. In the End It might be cramp if players manner is bad. Don’t forget there are others and I hope FF XIV is the place to have fun playing. Thank you for reading!

Recommended Stance of Chocobo

  • 2020.03.03

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). Chocobo is your buddy and he fights with you.Buddy has stances (role) and aren’t you wondering which one to choose. This article is about the features of Chocobo stances. Features of Each Stances Defender Stance It is a Tank role. Chocobo learns attack skills and to decrease to gain damage skills.It similar attacker stance but it is good balanced attack and defend. Healer Stance It is a Healer role. Chocobo learns to increase MND and skills to heal for party members mainly.He doesn’t learn attacker skills.That is different form the other stances. Attacker Stance It is a Melee DPS. Chocobo learns attacker skills mainly. Defender stance is also learn attacker skills but this stance specializes in attacking. Recommended Stance I recommend Healer stance if players are Tank or DPS. Chocobo heals you so player’s survival rate will be up. Players are Healer, I recommended for Attacker stance.You can heal by yourself so I want to attack down enemies quickly. Chocobo attacks enemy after player is attacking.so it takes time to attract enemy. In the End Chocobo’s level can up to 20 till now. Chocobo can learn all stances a maximum limit when its level is 20.And it […]


  • 2020.02.28

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). I fought to the Primal for the first time. Ifrit the Primal We were caught by Amalj’aa to summon Ifrit because of betrayal of two men tin the background. Then Ifrit appeared.The scene of its appeared was soooooo cool! I felt sorry for party members because Ifrit appeared scene began when we entered to attack and it was a little bit long.Everyone became Tempered, out of all I kept my own personality.It was fantastic. Studying Japanese I’ll introduce phrases the time to logout. English Japanese Reading It’s time to sleep. 寝る時間 neru jikan It’s time for sleepy bye. 寝る時間 neru jikan I’m going to take a break from the game. いったんゲームから離れて休みます ittann game kara hanarete yasumimasu English and Japanese are almost same.“nerujikan” is direct translation, and I often say “寝るね~(nerune)”.Sleep mean 寝る(neru) in Japanese. In the End I was out of time just related Ifrit quests this time.The betrayed men became Tempered so they might have no chance to appear again. I updated HELLO WORLD almost once a week now, but I’m planning to change to update once in two weeks. Thank you for your continuous support☺

It’s a Season for Little Ladies’ Day [2020]

  • 2020.02.26

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Allergy season is coming in Japan:(And on March 3rd, Japan celebrates Hina-matsuri, a festival celebrating girls.Today, Little Ladies’ Day information was opened. Outline of the Event The Event Period From Monday, March 2 at 12:00 a.m.(PST) to Monday, March 16 at 7:59 a.m.(PDT).*The seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded.  The Place to Order the Quest and Requirement The event quest can receive an order at Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:10.5, Y:8.6 from Royal Seneschal. You should be upon level 15. Event Items [Head] Princess’s Peach Corsage[Head] Senschal’s MonocleThese are possible to show for Viera:) [Table] Eastern Stage[Wall-mounted] Little Ladies’ Day Banner In the End Last year’s Little Ladies’ Day was the first event which I written event article in this blog.It was moving to me because it’s been a year since then. Equipment which can get from the event is also cute so I am excited:)

The Way to Set Up a Flag on the Map

  • 2020.02.16

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). You may have the opportunity want to tell the place when you hang out with your friends in the field.Then you can set up a flag. What Is a Flag? We can set up a flag on the map like this image.To tell a coordinate to party member by flag, it makes easy to meet at the point. How to Set Up a Flag 1. Open a map and decide the point to set up a flag.2.Hover the mouse over at the pint then “ctrl + right click” or “L1 + R1 button”, a flag sets up on the map.3.Be typed <flag> on your chat window, select the kind of chat like Party, and push Enter. Then your flag can check the other players.You can set up only a flag on the map. In the End When you go treasure hunts, this flag is always used.Why don’t you try to set up a flag before go treasure hunts? I hope this article is helpful for you.


  • 2020.02.12

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I was participating in the Valentione’s Day. Valentione’s Day It was the first time to participate in a seasonal event.The reward of the event is so cute:)I voted to Astrid, so I got rose series.Unfortunately, head gear don’t display.😢 The Man Appeared Again Thancred and I were disguised looks like poor to investigate lost people.We went to the designated place, a suspicious character appeared.The man from behind was the punk appeared at last HELLO WORLD.I was surprised because I didn’t think he has many chances to appear.After this, I said good-bye to Thancred and I went back to the Walking Sands to report to Minfilia.It stands difficult to get to so it is lazy to go there. Studying Japanese This time is abbreviations and they appeared before.I often see them at dungeons so they might be used often. English Japanese Reading o7 敬礼(けいれい) keirei ty ありがとう arigatou aight 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ) daijoubu In the End I wore matching clothes with Tnacred but the clothes wasn’t cute so I was not happy. I opened and went to Halatali, this time.And the battle with Ifrit is soon in main scenario! Thank you for reading.

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