• 2019.09.24

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I can move my character, this time! From Selected the World The story is beginning under the guidance of Crystal. I captured my eyes because my character is sooo cute.Then I just thought of something.The voice of Crystal is more adult than Japanese! I was thinking of that the first movie was finished, I could move my character, at last! I finished all the emotes, the operation is beginning… Setting UI It was really troublesome.I want as same as my main characters’, but I don’t remember what I hide, how big is it showed. And, I wanted adjust UI, everything was written in English so it was hard to find.It is not too much to say that most of time I spent setting UI. I notice that lines are so small! I searched the way to increase the text size, but it has already done the setting.It is amazing foreign players who play in English can read line easily. Editing Search Comment I wanted to write these things;-studying English-cannot type fast because I need to look up unfamiliar word in a dictionaly-please go ease on me. Do you know that it can write within 60 words.Oh, […]


  • 2019.09.16

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).This time’s HELLO WORLD is deciding a world. Please check the previous HELLO WORLD here. HELLO WORLD 1 North America Data Center or European Date Center Which Date Center would I choose, North America or European.I searched on the Internet about the features, but I can’t find any sites written in Japanese. So it is just my image,North America Date Center: English is mother language for most of players.European Date Center: English is not mother language for most of players but they use it as common language. I think people who speak English as a mother language is better because they might can understand my poor English.So I decided to play in North America Date Center. Select a World I make points of selecting world;1. Possible to read2. Easy to write3. Develop a special attachment to the world The name of each world are difficult to read and write because it is rare for me to see their name in English. I narrowed down the world to Cactuar in Aether or Leviathan in Primal.There are 2 congested world in Primal and I think Primal has a huge population so I decided to play in Leviathan. This article […]


  • 2019.09.09

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I have a new corner this time!The name is “HELLO WORLD“.This is the diary of playing FF XIV and the concept is making new character in foreign world. Activity Description I’m planning to play;Active Date: ThursdayTime: about 2 hoursLanguage: English I want to improve my English but I’m worrying about I can understand the quest matter(;’∀’) My Character I use Viera. I images “Lola Bunny” from Looney Tunes. These pictures are wearing each artifact armor. The knack of making character is this article; The Knack of Never Fail to Make a Character In the End Thinking of lag, is is the best to play in Tonberry but there cannot to make new character now.So I will make my new character in foreign world. I’ve finished to make a character, I will decide a world next time.

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