Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

What happened in this time?
Let’s look at HELLO WORLD!

The Man at That Time

Do you remember this man?
He appeared on HELLO WORLD 13.
I was doing the main scenario at Camp Drybone, I met the man again.

It was not a touching reunion.
He was born and raised around here so he know well inhavitants.
I was asking him about them.
He made them work harder.

The Sadness Town Drybone

I noticed to visit at Camp Drybone and at Church Saint Adama Landama.
That was, there were people who passed away.

Let’s study Japanese from the woman was lost in sadness.

Studying Japanese

Woman covered her face with her hand:How am I to pay off your debts now, husband?
Reading: Anata no syakkinn wo douyatte hennsai sureba iino?

She looked sadly because her husband passed away, but actually, she worried about how to pay off.

pay off:(hennsai)

Retainer Venture

I was back to Gridania, I found a NPC with important quest mark.
I listened to him, he worried about his retainer didn’t back yet.
I went to see how things were going.
His retainer went to the East Shroud so I went there.
When I found her, she was surrounded by enemies so I saved her.

I went back to Gridania, retainer venture became available.

Decision of Leih

I received Archer’s quest because I was level 25.
I spoke to Luciane, the guild master, she spoke to me that Leih and Silvairre seemed to leave the guild.
I listened to Leih, she wanted to come to South Shroud so I went there.
Then there were Lieh and Pawah Mujuuk.

She decided to live not Gridanian but archer of Miqo’te.
Finally, I obstructed to leave her by force, and we backed to our guild.
Licianne didn’t ask me the detail but she thanked me.

The next guild quest might be Silvairre.

In the End

I wanted to introduce cross-cultural communication but I don’t have any friends yet.

I’m planning to excerpt from conversation of quest and to introduce you as studying Japanese.

Thank you for reading!