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Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Time flies when I’m playing FF XIV.
I don’t exactly know what did I spend time this time, but it was not really progressing.(;’∀’)


Forgotten Hunting Log

Because of the Aetheryte Earring,  leveling is so easy.
As of now, I’ve never have any troubles to level up so I completely forgot the hunting log.
I went to East Shroud as my main scenario, I found the target enemy of the log by accident then I checked my hunting log.
It didn’t finished level 11 to 20 and I was 28 level at the time.
Every leftovers are at East Shroud, I decided to finish it.

An Event a Bunny Become a Bunny

I enjoyed the Hatching-tide.
Catching chickens were fun!

I took this SS while waiting the F.A.T.E.

Studying Japanese

I excerpt from Wedge, Garlond Ironworks.

At your service has some means.
It usually use “なんなりとおもうしつけください( nannnarito omousituke kudasai)” or “ごじゆうにどうぞ( goziyuuni douzo)“.

And when use the phrase introduce oneself, it means “よろしくおねがいします(yorosiku onegai simasu)“.

In addition, I want to carry this line.

Plus the receptionist was rather charming, don’t you think?
plus = くわえて( kuwaete)
the receptionist =うけつけのひと(uketuke no hito)
rather = かなり(kanari)
charming = みりょくてき(miryokuteki)
don’t you think = そうおもわない?(sou omowanai?)

It was Wedge’s first time meeting Tataru.
He fall in love at first sight.
I felt warm inside when I heard it.

In the End

I joined the F.A.T.E. when it occurred on my way, it might be one of reason not really progressing.(^^;
But there are no reasons to rush so I do things at my own pace.

It will appear Sylph next time.

Thank you for reading!

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