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Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I was chatting with my Free Company’s members.
But I was stopping a natural flow of conversation because it took times to understand and it was hard to express myself in English.
firstly, I want to be able to understand what they say smoothly.


Decide My Grand Company

I started to decide Grand Company.

My main character belongs to the Maelstrom so I wanted to change belong the other one.
The Order of the Twin Adder or the Immortal Flames.
I thought that the Twin Adder was good because I had started Archer.
However, think about the meaning of the flag of Twin Adder, it is Elezen and Hyuran.
I am Viera so it does not concern me.
Finally, I decided to belogn to the Immortal Flames.

I finished the first quest of grand company, then my chocobo’s quest was appeared.
I was full of sprits to accomplish the quest but it required 200 grand company’s seals.
It used to be required 2000 seals so it become easily.
That being said, I have no grand company seals so it is still a long way off.(^^;

Started to Mine

I hired two retainers but I just can be an archer so my retainers too.
I want to their jobs different so I became a miner!
The experience per a mine is sooooooo good.
While I was doing the first quest, the level of miner became 5.

Studying Japanese

I took this SS at my FC house.
Almost these housing items made by FC members.
They are amazing!

I excerpt from conversation from such FC members.

How have you been? means げんき に してた?(gennki ni siteta)
I’ve been good.
means げんき だったよ(gennki dattayo)
I’ve been busy. means いそがしいんだ(isogashiinnda)

I want to introduce another one.
static means こてい(kotei)
When I looked up in a dictionary, this ward isn’t use such a meaning.
This is an online game slang.

In the End

I say hello to FC members when I login the game but it was the first time to talk.
They were so gentle.
They were waiting my slow chat without rushing.
I want to speak more smoothly!

Thank you for reading.

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