Things Want to Get by Beast Tribe Quest “Amalj’aa”

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). There are items which can purchase only by the beast tribe and to buy these items are need to build reputation with a  beast tribe. Today, I introduce about items which can only get by Amalj’aa. Minion There are two kind of minions.The reputation rank of Trusted, each minions are selling for 250,000 gil.They look like just different colors, however, Founder seems to be a replica of a great historical figure of Amalj’aa. Wind-up Founder Wind-up Amalj’aa Drake Horn (Mount) The reputation rank of Trusted, it’s selling for 120,000 gil.It use to acquire Cavalry Drake.It’s cool to breath fire!! Outdoor Furnishing (housing) The reputation rank of Trusted, you can get them to exchange “Steel Amalj’ok” or to purchase by a gil. Amalj’aa Supply Carriage It’s large and has a strong presence.You can ride on top of it but it looks like floating in the air. Amalj’aa Pavise Shield It is bigger than AuRa. Smoulder Orchestrion Roll The reputation rank of Friendly, it can exchange 3 Steel Amalj’ok.It’s the BGM at “Ring Of Ash”. In the End The Amalj’aa Vender is also selling dye colors and some of them are not available at the usual shops.So if […]

A Mount & Minions to Exchange Gelmorran Potsherd

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). You can obtain Gelmorran Potsherd at the Place of the Dead.I introduce about a mount and minions which can get to exchange Gelmorran Potsherd. The Way to Obtain Gelmorran Potsherd -A bronze coffer in Place of the Dead-Complete floor 50 and 100 Disembodied Head Exchange 10 Gelmorran PotsherdAs the name suggests, it is the head mount.Place of the Dead means Edda, and Edda means Avere.So this head means… In Japanese, the callout when you mouseover is that “ADDEEVOLI”.It doesn’t know what it means at first glace, but if you read it backwards, it becomes “I LOVE EDDA”. By the way, there isn’t to read backwards in English. Minion Hecteye Exchange 3 Gelmorran Potsherd.  It looks grotesque.I can’t find it cute point(lol). Wind-up Sasquatch Exchange 3 Gelmorran Potsherd.  The head and body are unbalanced, and figure is especially cute from the side. In the End The Place of the Dead is up to level 60 so sometimes I feel inconvenient because there aren’t enough skills.And this content takes time.But you can get the mount and minions and there is a story.If you have never tried there, why don’t you go there?

The Eyes Have It

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about the FATE “The Eyes Have It”. Steropes Steropes is one of the cyclops.It impossible to defeat by solo.It desirable for full party. Area This FATE appeared at Coerthas Central Highlands (X:14.5 U:19.3).The FATE level is 39. Anyway, one blow hurtts!His swing skill, that cyclopes’ use, is instant death.There are normal enemies around there and he calls his companions.These make difficult to defeat him. Rewards Achievement Minion You can get Puk when cleared the FATE for the first time. This minion is available on the market.

It’s Not Lupus

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about the FATE “It’s Not Lupus”. Cancer It is a special FATE so it is difficult to defeat by solo.I recommend to call some players using shout or to join the FATE if some players are starting it. Area This FATE appeared at Eastern La Noscsea(X:30 Y34).The nearest aetheryte is Costa del Sol.It’s a level 32 FATE. Rewards Achievement Minion We can get Smallshell when cleared the FATE. Extra This is Japanese version.(sorry it’s possible my translation isn’t collect.) It’s the larval of a shell.While it was taking a rest to simulate a stone at seashore of Bloodshore, it was caught up in slaying monsters by an adventure and lost its consciousness because of trampled.After that, it was collected as a booty and be a pet.It runs for you today too.

Battle the Lazy Laurence

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about a FATE “Lazy for You”. Lazy Laurence Lazy Laurence is a monster kind of Ochu.Lazy for You is a special FATE so it is difficult to defeat by solo.As this time, I shouted for players’ participation and joined the FATE 4 players and chocobos. Area This FATE appeared at Eastern Shroud.It’s a level 20 FATE. Status abnormality like poison or slow is little bit hard to live.And Lazy Laurence takes enemies so it also hard to live if some enemies attacked me at once.So we need to pay attention the positioning. Rewards Achievement At the First attack, players can get the achievement. Minion We can get Baby Bun when cleared the FATE.This minion is available on the market. In the End If you see someone join this FATE by solo, I’m happy you help to fight with the player. I hope this article is helpful for you.

Available to Exchange the Alled Seal

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I’ll show you minions which available to exchange the Allied Seal.The Allied Seas can get by the hunt in the area of A Realm Reborn. Wind-up Succubus Available by 500 Allied Seal. It’s cute to put on my shoulder.It don’t put on shoulder but the head for Lalafell. Treasure Box Available by 440 Allied Seal. It open and close its mouth. In the End Today, I introduced about minions to get by exchange the Allied Seal. I hope this article is helpful for you.

The Way of Starting the Hunt

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about the hunt. What’s the Hunt? The hunt is the content to put down the specified enemies and get rewards. There are items can get only its rewads. There are two types of mark bills;Regular Mark Bills and Elite Mark Bills. Regular Mark Bills You can find the regular marks denote enemies in the fields. You can get EXP so you can do it as leveling. New marks are updated on the hunt board once per day at 11:00 AM(EST) or 8:00 AM(PDT). There are three types of levels. Unlock the Regular Mark Bills <Requirement>1.You should be over Second Storm Lieutenant/ Second Serpent Lieutenant/ Second Flame Lieutenant2.Completed the quest “Let the Hunt Begint”. [A realm Reborn]Site of the Hunt board: Each grand companiesRewards: Gill and Allied Seals [Heaventsward]Site of the hunt board: Foundation(X:12 Y:11)Rewards: Gill, EXP and Centurio Seals [Stormblood]Site of the hunt board: Kugane(X:11 Y:10) or Rhalgr’s ReachRewards: Gill, EXP and Centurio Seals [Shadowbringers]Site of the hunt board: The Crystarium(X:9.5 Y:9.4) or EulmoreRewards: Gilll, EXP and Sack of Nuts You can get EXP except in the area of A Realm Reborn. Elite Mark Bills They are special enemies and they appear under […]

Things From FF VII in FF XIV

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Final Fantasy VII was released last week! Have you ever played it?There are things come over FF XIV from FF VII. Advent Attire They are Cloud’s gear from Advent Children.You can get it by Veteran Rewards rank 1(60 days). SDS Fenrir This is also from FF VII Advent Children. It is an optional item and you can purchase it at Mog Station. It already increase the speed a first stage everywhere.The riding BGM is “Crazy Motorcycle”. Minions Wind-up Aerith Wind-up Cloud Wind-up Tifa Every minions can buy at Mog Station. Modern Aesthetics- Strife This is a prize such as official contest winner.So it is the really rare item. Sources From FF XII -Manderville Gold Saucer-Materia-Knights of Round-Tiny Bronco(airship) In the End There are many original things from every Final Fantasy series. There might be more things from FF VII. Why don’t you play both FF XIV and FF VII. I hope you’re enjoyed from this article.

Let’s Get Minions!

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Players, who just beginning FF XIV, think what are minions.This article is about minions. What Are Minions Minions = pets walk with you in FF XIV. There aren’t any skills and growing up these are big diffence from Summoner’s pets. They jusi walk with you.Players cannot command or operation. The kind of minions are increasing from patches.Minions are one of a game element to collect them or to walk with your favorite one. How to Get The way to get minions are below; quest reward make by crafters gathering buy from shops reward of dungeon cleared exchange achievement point bonus itmes with official books or official CDs You canget minions just playing FF XIV.Some minions can sell on the market and rare one can make gil. Registar And Summon When you get minions, they are in iventory.Choose a minion and select “use” from item menu, you can register it on minion guide. To set the minion on hotbar, you can summon and retun it.And you can summon a minion directly from minion guide. To Collect Minions… Minions are one of a game element to collect them. But there are reasons to collect them. To match Lord […]