• 2021.09.11

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I enjoyed the Moonfire Faire. Looking forward to a Special Frozen Dessert The highlight of the event was a special frozen dessert!What kind of the desset?I was looking forward to have it while going to Costa del Sol, and  asked to Haermaga, who is the head of the executive committee for the event.Oh my god, he had not received the ice, so he asked me to check on the situation with the Miqu’te over there. She said that the confectioner had gone to look for ice.While I was listening to her, we heared a cries, ” a girl was drowing!”. People on the beach went to help immediately.The drowned girl was the confectioner I was looking for.Her name is Neneke.Then polar bears were coming.Neneke gave them some treats, they became her friends.They were bringing her the luggage those were thrown out to sea, and she checked the contents of the luggage, the ice was safe.But there was a trouble, she said that a monster in the luggage.We went back to Haermaga to report about it. Then, ASU members, who appeared the Moonfire Faire last year, and R’fhul Tia, who appeared as a newbie adventure in the […]


  • 2021.03.09

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This time is about the seasonal event.Be careful, it contains spoilers for the event. A Deliver of Love It’s been a year since I have seen Lisette.She is always cheerful, it makes me feel better. While I talked with Lisette, a moogle with heart-shaped pom was appeared!He is a deliver of love and delivered me a fun letter.The letter was from a girl who wanted to be an adventure but she gave up her dream.Kupuka Kupp, Astrid and I were prepared presents for the girl to cheer up.Giving her presents and talking, she was recovered. Kupuka Kupp was planed to go to Ul’dah to deliver letters, so we too.This was the girl’s debut as an adventure.Her traveling clothes are so cute! Her first task as an adventures had done smoothly.The costume of songbirds were more exciting than usual, they wore Valentione’s Day costumes without a hint of discomfort. Finally, we went back Gridania and the girl’s first travel as an adventure.I want to remember her pure feeling. Sightseeing It was period for Valentione’s Day decorations so I went to three cities fo sightseeing!   Gridania Lavender Beds The floors were decorated, too.  Ul’dah The songbirds concert […]


  • 2021.01.18

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This is for the first time in almost five months.I’m on the way to pursue the masked man.Click here for the detail. HELLO WORLD 30 Happy Moo Year I played the seasonal event at first.I was lucky because the event FATE was just beginning so I joined the FATE without waiting.After completing the FATE, I handed out rice cakes for the people of Limsa Lominsa. It appeared the related people with Limsa Lominsa and I enjoyed it. By the way, I could get an achievement to complete the seasonal quest.In Japanese, the achievement name is “A5 Rank”.It means the grade for Wagyu beef, and A5 is the highest grade given only to the finest beef. A Lily Button I was looking into the lady’s body without face to pursue the masked man.It was hard to identify the body but she had a characteristic lily button.The  button might be hint for the body’s identify so I decided to investigate the button. The well-informed person in Gridania is Mother Miounne!I visited her and show her the button.Unfortunately, she didn’t know the button but told me people who knows about it. Even after that, I couldn’t find any clue, but […]


  • 2020.09.07

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I played the Moonfire Faire in last minute push. Moonfire Faire I was excited because the battle between the shark and the bombard is like special effects! I enjoyed the event to perform Flame Dance, and took SS with a shark:) Clue of Ascian I had finished to examine at Little Ala Mhigo and returned to the Walking Sands to report to Minfillia.She had a good news about Ascian from the Sylphs.She said me that to ask the detail of the information from Noraxia, the Sylph, and she is in the Walking Sands, too. Before I asked Noraxia, I took SS with Minfillia. Noraxia told me to visit to Medrod at Fallgourd Float in the North Shroud. He experienced so scared because he was distracted when I met him.I made him calm down then I could be able to listen to him.He saw the masked man.When he knew that I was looking for the man, he and his friends help me. They gave me some information seemed to concern with the man and I examined them but  there were no good one. Studying Japanese To translate bread and butter is パンとバター(pan to bata). It means 収入源(しゅうにゅうげん/shuunyuu […]


  • 2020.08.24

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). It was the last HELLO WORLD before patch 5.3. Ala Mhigan Refugees at Quarrymill I went to Little Ala Mhigo to search the masked man.But I didn’t welcome there and Gundobald who is the leader of Little Ala Mhigo, said me to get away. There are also Ala Mhigan refugees at Quarrymill so the member of Walking Sands introduced the refugees to me. I talked to the Ala Mhigan resistance, they were in trouble.Their friend who had got injured went into forest by himself. When I found him, he was scared about a goblin. I beat down it and we went back to Quarrymill. The Ala Mhigan wrote a letter of introduction to the leader of Little Ala Mhigo, and I went there again. Ala Mhigan Refugees of Little Ala Mhigo I handed the letter to Gundobald, he began to help me to be looking for the masked man. When we were talking, a lady was coming with panic.She said that she was assaulted by corpse.That was pretty low.And young little Ala Mhigans knew that and they were angry.They were planning to rob crystals from Amalj’aa and had already gone.It’s danger to face off Amalj’aa!So we […]


  • 2020.08.01

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I’ve done the Dragon Quest collaboration event. Dragon Quest Collaboration I enjoyed the collaboration! The logo font witch appeared at the time receiving the quest or joined the FATE became DQ’s so ti made me excited! DQ is about puff-puff, right? Puff-puff is as same as in Japanese. I was surrounded by sexy ladies.The gear color is same so I blend into them. Thank you for fantastic collaboration! By the way, it didn’t show “Thug’s Mug” and “King Slime Crown”.(´;ω;`) To the Temple of Qarn I received the quest to open the Temple of Qarn from this NPC near the Walking Sands. I took SS before enter there. Alright, let’s do this, I thought, I had a trouble.My level wasn’t enough.(;’∀’) I couldn’t go there, this time. Studying Japanese I picked up the line from Beefy Businessman who was appeared DQ collabo event. By the way, Beefy Businessman is あらくれ男(arakure otoko) in Japanese.To translate it directly, it means rough man. Don’t be shy = ためらわないで(tamerawanaide), 恥ずかしがらないで(hazukasigaraanide), 遠慮しないで(enryo sinaide).lass = 若い女性(wakai josei), 少女(shoujo) from time to time = 時々(tokidoki) In the End I really enjoyed the collabo event.I had forgot that sexy ladies didn’t puff-puff, haha. The […]


  • 2020.07.10

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). The Sylph settled down, this time. Mist Surprisingly, I had never been to Mist, so I visited there. Mist is like a resort.There weren’t empty parcel of land even S size. Deep Canyon I was surprised to receive a Miner quest.Look at this quest form! 99 chunks of obsidian!?Σ(・ω・ノ)ノIt was too much, wasn’t it? She didn’t give me a better deal though how many I talked to her.I had no choice to gather 99 of them. I received next quest, a unique character appeared!His name is Deep Canyon.I stopped this time’s Miner quest just talked to him. Return The elder Sylph return Little Salace safely.The Sylph told us about Ramuh.They cooperated with us and I was back to Gridania to report.Then Minfillia contacted me. Everyone gathered at Walking Sands so I decided to back there to exchange information. When I arrived there, Alphinaud was just leaving. It seems to take more time to summon Ramuh.So we decided to exam about Titan, next time. Studying Japanese I picked up the line from Adalberta, who is the guild master of Miner.search high and low for~ : ~をくまなく探す(kumanaku sagasu) high and low means like “あらゆる所を”(arayuru tokorowo) or “あちこちを”(atikotiwo). In […]


  • 2020.06.21

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I’ve done the FFXI collaboration event. Fought with Iroha I like this quest form because there is Shantotto who is appeared in FFXI. Iroha strayed into the world of FFXIV.She wanted to train so I fought with her on FATE. I took this SS waiting for FATE. There were no players to join the FATE so Iroha and I fought together. The event FATE appeared at Eastern La Noscea, Central Shroud, Southern Thanalan, and Upper La Noscea.I hadn’t opened the Aetheryte at Southern Thanalan and Upper La Noscea so I lost my way how to go there, haha. These FATE were also hard for me.My level is 31 but the FATE level is 33 so enemies attack were strong for me.I was using items to heal my HP, and I made Iroha as my shield, somehow we survived. Iroha recovered her memories when each FATE had finished.Watching the flash back scenes I felt I wanted to play FFXI. I really enjoyed the event:) Studying Japanese I picked up the line from Iroha.there are no words : 言葉がない(kotoba ga nai)to express  : 表現する(hyougen suru)gratitude for your assistance : 協力に感謝します(kyouryoku ni kansha simasu) Together these words,There are no […]


  • 2020.06.07

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I became a Bird!I spent a lot of time setting hotbar.(^^; Obtained Sightseeing Log I found the NPC with important quest mark. I was asked to bring a log to Millith at the Apkallu Fallus.She and her family are explores!She temped me to record such beauty spots where I have visited and gave me a sightseeing log.  Bird I went to South Shroud to visit Jehantel to be a Bird. He said that to speak to Pukno Poki.He was there surrounded by trees. He asked me to bring back a charm from the stolen crate.It was hard to go there because there were many enemies.I forced my way through while enemies found me, I was ganged up on and killed.Following the results, I was beating down enemies and moved inside.But when I noticed there were many enemies surrounded me and I was killed again.Finally, I reached the crate.I wonder is anybody struggled here without me, haha. I brought back to Pukno Poki with the charm, then he asked me to deliver it to Jehantel.I gave Jehantel the charm, he said that it was a gift from moogle  for me.The charm is the Soul Crystal of Bird […]


  • 2020.05.22

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). I went a dungeon for the first time in some time and I had something sad happen, haha. The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak A panicked sylph was coming when I was in the Buscarron’s Druthers.She said the sylphs’ leader didn’t come back she had taken refuge Toto-Rak.Oh, my goodness! I went there to rescue the leader. Here is the entrance.It ordinarily closed and Gridanian guardsman watches over to do not enter. We went to the room of last boss through the sticky and cobwebs way.It happened a video just before the last boss, then Ascian Lahavrea appeared in the video.While I was watching, it seemed to start the battle, the words of bottled up was showed.I was trying to decide whether keep watching or to skip the movie to join the battle.Since it happened the video, I wanted to watch it until the end.The boss battle was just finished when I entered the boss’s room.I wanted to fight together.(´・ω・`)Anyhow, my original object, to rescue the sylphs’ leader was success. The One That Got Away My archer’s level became 30 so I did the class quest.When I arrived the guild, the guild master, Silvairre and Leith were […]

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