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Recommended Jobs of Retainer

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Doing main scenario, you can hire retainers.
You can hire 2 retainers as usual, and up to 9 retainers.


About Retainer

Retainers are NPC and they keep players items and put items up for market.

They procure items which players’ wished and they rarely get rare items.

How to Hire

Players must first complete the quest “The Scions of the Seventh Dawn“.
You can hire retainer at Retainer Vocate from each cities.

Retainer also can make character so you can create their looks as you like.

Things Can Do

-Keep players’ items and gil
 A retainer can keep up to 175 items.

-Retainer Ventures
 They get items which players wished or random.

-Put items up on the market
 It only retainer put items up on the market and up to 20 items per a retainer.

If you want retainer to do these things, you need to use Summoning Bell.

Classes and Jobs

There are 4 kinds of jobs.
-Disciples of War and Magic Classes

They can only gather items that the player has successfully gathered with that class.

The features of each classes are as shown below.


They gather minerals and soil mainly.
They can get items which specified time for players.


They gather seeds and wood mainly.
They are as same as Miner.

You can level up Miner or Botanist, I recommended these one.


They gather only fishes.
And there are few fish for make gil.
But there are subject matter and minion which can gather only Fisher.

Disciples of War and Magic Classes

It is better ti choose your main job because each retainer of battle jobs are common.

It is easy to update retainer’s gear and you don’t need to care about leveling.
But gathered items are cheap so it difficult to make gil.

In the End

My recommend jobs are Miner=Botanist>>Disciples of War and Magic classes>>>>Fisher.

Thank you for reading!

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