Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

The title became double digit.
I’m doing it diligently.

My Work at Limsa Lominsa

I arrived at Limsa Lominsa so I went do deliver the letter that Kan-E-Senna entrust to me for Merlwyb.

Her voice is commanding as same as Japanese voice.
I had done my work at Limsa Lominsa and I had to go to Ul’dah, next.
Before I left Limsa Liminsa, I opened all of Aethernet shards and a chocobo porter in Limsa Lominsa.

Arrived at Ul’dah

I left Limsa Lominsa and arrived at Ul’dah.
Kan-E-Senna also entrust to me a lettaer for Raubahn so I visited him.

I didn’t feel strange with his voice.
Bartholomew who stands out of his room, said me to talk to Baderon at the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa
I opened all of Aethernet shards and a chocobo porter in Ul’dah.
It was hard to find Aethernet shards because of height difference.

And I could use airships, yeah!
I will use it to save gil.

To Aleport

I backed to Limsa Liminsa and talked to Baderon.
He asked me to research Sastasha.
By the way, I’m not sure if he has an accent or he often shorten words, so it’s difficult to understand what’s he talking about, haha.

I went to Aleport by a boat because Sastasha is there.

And I opened Aleport leaves.

I went to Sastasha Seagrot, Edda-chan was there!

I couldn’t resist taking SS.
Her first appeared was such the earlier entries.

The Firs Dungeon

I was able to go to Sastasha!

In Japan, we say some greetings when we enter contents.
I wondered what did English players say.
But it started without words.
It might be usual say nothing in NA data center.
Or it just happened with this party members.

We attacked the final boss and cleared the dungeon.

I backed to Limsa Lominsa and reported to Baderon.
Then party finder unlocked.

In the End

My Free Company increased members and have a lively on chatting.
But it is hard to join a conversation.
I need to study English more so I can talk to them.

Thank you for reading!