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The man who has great skill appeared, this time!


Challenge Log Obtained

I found Miqo’tes with important quest signs at the Drawing Wench, Limsa Lominsa.
I talked to I’towann at first.

She introduced an Elezen who was at the Drawing Wench to me.
After talked with him, I spoke a Roegadyn man near the Fisher Guild, then I got Challenge Log.

Met a Famous Man

I talked another Miqo’te with important quest sign, named S’dhodjbi.

I went to the designated place, a famous man was there!

But he seemed to be strange.
He looked anxious about something.
I lent him a helping hand to bring him back to sanity.

I went to the Armors’ Guild,

went to the Carpenters’ Guild,

and visited Alchemists’ Guild, finally.
I received something from each Guild masters.

I handed items which I received items to the strange man…

then he came to his senses:)
He thanked me so I can call him anytime even though it is difficult to make an appointment him.


I was doing main scenario it became to access to the TAM-TARA Deepcroft.

There was no wards at the beginning last dungeon, Sastasha.
This time, however, there were some greetings!
I saw “o7” in the greeting and it was the first time to see the wards.
I looked it up, it is salute, right?
I want to see more abbreviation.
It is so fun:)

In the End

I wonder what did the Aesthetician lose.
A pair of scissors?
But they can get from Armors’ Guild enough.
Umm… I don’t know, haha.
Do you have any ideas?

Thank you for reading!

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