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The Way of Starting the Hunt

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

This article is about the hunt.


What’s the Hunt?

The hunt is the content to put down the specified enemies and get rewards.

There are items can get only its rewads.

There are two types of mark bills;
Regular Mark Bills and Elite Mark Bills.

Regular Mark Bills

You can find the regular marks denote enemies in the fields.

You can get EXP so you can do it as leveling.

New marks are updated on the hunt board once per day at 11:00 AM(EST) or 8:00 AM(PDT).

There are three types of levels.

Unlock the Regular Mark Bills

1.You should be over Second Storm Lieutenant/ Second Serpent Lieutenant/ Second Flame Lieutenant
2.Completed the quest “Let the Hunt Begint”.

[A realm Reborn]
Site of the Hunt board: Each grand companies
Rewards: Gill and Allied Seals

Site of the hunt board: Foundation(X:12 Y:11)
Rewards: Gill, EXP and Centurio Seals

Site of the hunt board: Kugane(X:11 Y:10) or Rhalgr’s Reach
Rewards: Gill, EXP and Centurio Seals

Site of the hunt board: The Crystarium(X:9.5 Y:9.4) or Eulmore
Rewards: Gilll, EXP and Sack of Nuts

You can get EXP except in the area of A Realm Reborn.

Elite Mark Bills

They are special enemies and they appear under certain conditions.
They are ranked according to their risk.

B Rank

Each areas have elite Mark Bills and new marks are updated on the hun board on every Tuesday at 4:00 AM(EST) or 1:00 AM(PDT).

You can hunt them by solo.

They exist only one in their location and when players hunt them, then they will appear the other place in their location.

A Rank and S Rank

There are no mark of bills.
Join in the hunt and players get rewards automatically.
It like F.A.T.E.

You can’t hunt them by solo so players get the players together.

In the End

In my case, I just receive mark of bills from the hunt boards and I hunt them if I find while I move fields.

I hope this article is helpful for you.

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