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Edda who often appear in HELLO WORLD, told to me.


To the Goblet

The Goblet stands high place so view is nice.
By the way, there are empty grounds for S size houses.
I think players didn’t have much gil so it was hard to buy ground even S size when housing begun.
But now, players have enough gil so they expand their houses to M or L size.

I was a HERO

While I was talking at the Quicksand, I heard woman’s scream!
I jumped out from the Quicksand then I saw a lady was getting involved with punks.

She asked for help but no one looked her in their eyes.

Then I went to help like a hero!

Edda Made Up Her Mind

She talked me about her fiancee, Avere and her new determination.

To the Gold Saucer

A young man gave me a ticket to the Gold Saucer so I visited there.

The building stand out seeing from in airship.
I was exited to go there.

I was busy to open the aethernet, Fashion Report and Doman Mahjong.
And I took part in GATEs so I could earn MGP.
I need to save up MGP because there are many things I want to exchange.

In the End

I was in the Gold Saucer around 1 hour.
It sas lively so I was excited!

What is your favorite GATE?

Thank you for reading!

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