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Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

The Sylph settled down, this time.



Surprisingly, I had never been to Mist, so I visited there.

Mist is like a resort.
There weren’t empty parcel of land even S size.

Deep Canyon

I was surprised to receive a Miner quest.
Look at this quest form!

99 chunks of obsidian!?Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ
It was too much, wasn’t it?

She didn’t give me a better deal though how many I talked to her.
I had no choice to gather 99 of them.

I received next quest, a unique character appeared!

His name is Deep Canyon.
I stopped this time’s Miner quest just talked to him.


The elder Sylph return Little Salace safely.

The Sylph told us about Ramuh.
They cooperated with us and I was back to Gridania to report.
Then Minfillia contacted me.

Everyone gathered at Walking Sands so I decided to back there to exchange information.

When I arrived there, Alphinaud was just leaving.

It seems to take more time to summon Ramuh.
So we decided to exam about Titan, next time.

Studying Japanese

I picked up the line from Adalberta, who is the guild master of Miner.

search high and low for~ : ~をくまなく探す(kumanaku sagasu)

high and low means like “あらゆる所を”(arayuru tokorowo) or “あちこちを”(atikotiwo).

In the End

Deep Canyon, who is appeared the Miner quest, become one of my favorite character.
I wish he has much chance to appear from now on.

I’m thinking about whether to grow up battle job except Bird.

Thank you for reading!

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