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Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I’ve done the FFXI collaboration event.


Fought with Iroha

I like this quest form because there is Shantotto who is appeared in FFXI.

Iroha strayed into the world of FFXIV.
She wanted to train so I fought with her on FATE.

I took this SS waiting for FATE.

There were no players to join the FATE so Iroha and I fought together.

The event FATE appeared at Eastern La Noscea, Central Shroud, Southern Thanalan, and Upper La Noscea.
I hadn’t opened the Aetheryte at Southern Thanalan and Upper La Noscea so I lost my way how to go there, haha.

These FATE were also hard for me.
My level is 31 but the FATE level is 33 so enemies attack were strong for me.
I was using items to heal my HP, and I made Iroha as my shield, somehow we survived.

Iroha recovered her memories when each FATE had finished.
Watching the flash back scenes I felt I wanted to play FFXI.

I really enjoyed the event:)

Studying Japanese

I picked up the line from Iroha.

there are no words : 言葉がない(kotoba ga nai)
to express  : 表現する(hyougen suru)
gratitude for your assistance : 協力に感謝します(kyouryoku ni kansha simasu)

Together these words,
There are no words to express my gratitude for your assistance.
→あなたの協力に感謝の言葉もありません。(anatano kyouryokuni kanshano kotobamo arimasen)

In Japanese, it is a little bit hard to understand that I appreciate or not because it concludes a negative word.
I think English is better to tell the feeling than Japanese. 

In the End

I spent all of time to do the event.
But I was very satisfied because the event made me fun!

I’m going to do the main scenario, next time.
Thank you for reading.

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