Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I became a Bird!
I spent a lot of time setting hotbar.(^^;

Obtained Sightseeing Log

I found the NPC with important quest mark.

I was asked to bring a log to Millith at the Apkallu Fallus.
She and her family are explores!
She temped me to record such beauty spots where I have visited and gave me a sightseeing log. 


I went to South Shroud to visit Jehantel to be a Bird.

He said that to speak to Pukno Poki.
He was there surrounded by trees.

He asked me to bring back a charm from the stolen crate.
It was hard to go there because there were many enemies.
I forced my way through while enemies found me, I was ganged up on and killed.
Following the results, I was beating down enemies and moved inside.
But when I noticed there were many enemies surrounded me and I was killed again.
Finally, I reached the crate.

I wonder is anybody struggled here without me, haha.

I brought back to Pukno Poki with the charm, then he asked me to deliver it to Jehantel.
I gave Jehantel the charm, he said that it was a gift from moogle  for me.
The charm is the Soul Crystal of Bird and I became a Bird!

Studying Japanese

I picked up the line from Pukno Poki.
You should have said so sooner. = もっと早く言ってよ~(motto hayaku itteyo)

should have + past participle means “~しておけばよかった“(siteokeba yokatta)と.

In the End

It don’t required to level up the other class to be a job, now.
I was surprised to be easily.

I’m planning to enjoy FF XI’s collaboration event, next time!

Thank you for reading:)