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Things Want to Get by Vath Beast Tribe

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

There are items which can purchase only by the beast tribe and to buy these items are need to build reputation with a beast tribe.

Today, I introduce about items which can only get by beast tribe quest of Vath.



There are two kind of minions.
Both of minions are exchangeable for 30000 gil with heigher reputation rank.

Wind-up Vath
It will be sold when the reputation rank to Trusted.

Wind-up Gnath
It will be sold when the reputation rank to Sworn.

Kongamato Whistle(Mount)

It will be sold 200,000 gil when the reputation rank to Sworn.
When use it, you can get Kongamato mount.

Gnathic Lamp Tree(Outdoor Furnishing)

It will be sold 10,092 gil when the reputation rank to Trusted.
The lamps glow at night.

Piece of Mind Orchestrion Roll

It exchangeable by “Black Copper Gil” when the reputation rank to Friendly.

This is the BGM at Vath base.

Vath Wear

When the reputation rank to Bloodsworn, you can purchase Vath’ cosplay clothes.
They can get by gil or Black Copper Gil.

ItemsBlack Copper GilPrice
Gnath Head940,000
Vath Thorax9130,000
Gnath Arms430,000
Gnath Abdomen470,000
Gnath Legs430,000




It blends in so well that I feel comfortable standing next to it.

In the End

Other vegetables needed to raise chocobos can also be purchased and exchanged.
Only available at Vath store!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article.

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