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Rattle and Humbaba

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This article is about Notorious Monster FATE “Rattle and Humbaba”.



Humbaba is a Kill Boss FATE’s monster, it appeared in the area of Stormblood.

Humbaba is a monster that has appeared in the FF series since FF3, but since it has a strong impression of FF6(?) The appearance of FF6 is reproduced in FF14 as well.

Life in the Peaks can be downright difficult, but the people of the J tribe somehow manage with what little they have. Yet, when what little they have is constantly being stolen by a heartless brute by the name of Humbaba, that is simply salt in their wounds. The J seek a champion that might ease their pain.


It’s appeared in the Peaks(X:15.8 Y:29.8 Z:2.3) and the FATE level is 68.
The nearest Aetheryte is Ala Ghiri.

This will FATE happen after accomplished the previous FATE “Mouth For Water”.


You can acquire an achievement “What You’re Looking For” with the highest rating possible for the first time.

chocobo armor : Ala Mhigan Barding

It is a chocobo armor that looks like which the peddlers’ chocobo wears.

By the way, you can see this one at Rhalgr’s Reach.

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