Sightseeing Log 017 [SHADOWBRINGERS]

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In my wanderings across Kholusia, I found myself pausing in wide-eyed wonder as I looked out upon the view before me. I knew that I must capture this sight in ink, lest others simply pass it by.


Place :Kholusia(X:28.8, Y:22.1)
It’s in front of the waterfall.
Emote: Lookout

After Accomplishment

After accomplishment the log, “impressions” changes to “Vista Record”.

White Oil Falls
This waterfall marks the midpoint of Watts River. The sluggish current sends water over the cliff with little force, the cascade cleaving closely to the rock as it plunges down from an impressive height. Upon observing this almost-viscous flow, a renowned poet is said to have likened the falls to an enormous trickle of oil.

In the End

If you want to cool off on a hot day, stop by this place by the waterfall.

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