Slect a World

Slect a World

Hi, I am Karin (@KarinMie_en).

This article is about the Point to choose a world to play.

Select a DATA CENTER and a World

First, beggining to play FF XIV, need to select a Server.

There are some Data Centers and thereare small worlds,every 10 to 11, in the Data Center.

We choose a world from the Data Center.

Me, for example, Anima world in Mana Data Center.

If you want to play with your friends, it is better to choose same world.

What is the Data Center?

Data Center is a huge server and if the Data Center is different, you can’t meet the one.

It can be looking for group or go to any contents with any players by using contents finder in the same Data Center.

And, it can be adding on your friend list and be chatting in the same Data Center.

It will can tleport between same Data Center soon, so there is only a little difference between Data Center and world.

About a world

There are 3 types to select a world.

That is regularly difference because of population.

A Crouded World

It is a congestion world and be limited to make a new character.

A popular name from FF series like Chocobo or Bahamut is a relatively crowded.

It is difficult to make a new character such a world.

A Preference World

This world is a small population.

There are benefits like EXP up for a new character, and so on.

It is good world to get start.

The Benefit

・EXP +100 % up till level 59.

・To play for free in 15 days.

A Regular World

This is an average population world.

There are nearly congestion worlds and nearly small populsation worlds.

A Point to Slect a World

I don’t recommend to play crowded world.

It is limited to make a new character, it means that there are only few players beggining almost same time.

We can have a house in FF XIV, but there are no empty land to built a house.


It is better to play in a regular world or preference world.

And sometimes go to metropolis like a crowded world by world visit.

There are some bad points about crowded world.

It is difficult to login the day of updating or the server is down because of crowded.

Why don’t you play in a recular world or preference world?