The Features About Class That You Choose at First

The Features About Class That You Choose at First

Hi,I’m Karin(@KarinMie_en).
This article is about the “Classes (Jobs)”.
When  you change your weapon, you can change your class (job) in FF XIV.
So, it is okay to choose the class you interested in.
Or, the city where you start is decided by the class, so you can select class make a point of the city.
3 cities (Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa and Gridania) can be going at once.

Classes and Jobs

It is class what you can select when you begin the FF XIV.
A class level will be 30, it can be a job.
For example) Gladiator (class) → Paladin (job)

Each classes have levels so you need to level grinding several classes.

Classes stand like an introduction to play FF XIV because contents over 30 levels are supposed to be a job.


It can be roughly divided into 3 roles.

There are Tank, Healer and DPS, and players should do their part in any contents.


There are light party and full party.

Light pary consists 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 2 DPS.
Full party is doubled in the light pary.
(Some contents required fill party, it consists 1 Tank, 2 Healer and 5 DPS.)


They are at the forefront of the battles and the features of Tank is high in HP and trained in defense.
Attract attention to enemies and defend other party members to take over attacked from enemies.

There is much demand for Tank in FF XIV so it is easy to match players by using Duty Finder.
If you don’t want want wait to go any contents, I recommend you try to play Tank.

Gladiator (Paladin)

He use a sword and a shield.
It is good for beginner because the defense is high and balance is good.
The level is growing up, he can heal and protect group members against enemies, so it also good who wants to support group members.

Marauder (Warrior)

His weapon is an ax.
His defense is as lower as gladiator, but his HP is high and its attack is strong.
If you feel “it’s not enough just defend!” it sill be happier than gladiator.


This role is heal for group members.
Attacking enemies while control group member’s HP and reset their debuff.
It is okay to concentrate on healing then you get used to healing, to attack enemies by degrees.

Conjurer(White Mage)

This class is the specialist of  healing!
He has many magics about healing and support group members.

It is only conjurer a class of healer.
And it is the only class can get mount during class quest.


The base class is Arcanist.
Scholar is a job, so the Arcanist will be 30, it can be Scholar.

Scholar summon fairy and operating one self and fairy.
White Mage is specialized healing magic, but Scholar is good for damage reduction.
White Mage use healing magic after attacked from enemy, and Scholar use shield magic before enemy’s attack.

DPS( Damage Per Seconds )

This role cause high damage to enemies and destroy them quickly.
Try to not gain damage from enemies to the utmost.

Pugilist (Monk)

They fight to have a good command of combos.
Their fight preference for fighting at close quarters makes negotiating distances an absolute necessity.

Lancer (Dragoon)

They typify for FF series.

They also fight to have a good command of combos.
Lancer has buff for group members, but it might be a little bit difficult to keep.

Archer (Bard)

They attack long distance from enemies.
They can fight moving far from enemies.
And Bard can support group members.

Thaumaturge (Black Mage)

They are magical ranged DPS.
They need to cast but their offence point is so high!

Arcanist (Summoner)

They summon Carbuncle and operating it.
Each magic offence points are not high but the are good at damage over time.


This is the class which you can choose at first.
When the story passing, you can choose more classes and jobs.

Let’s find to match your way to fight and enjoy Eorzea life!