Easy Way to Make Gil, It Can Be Beginners

Hi, I’m Karin(@KarinMie_en).

This article is about Raising Gil.
Each way can be the early stages so if there is a shortage of a Gil, please read this article.

I do Disciples of the Land and Disciples of the Hand just leveling, but I could buy a Company’s house(M) and an own house(S).


Selling Shards

This is the easiest way to earn Gil.

When Disciples of the Hand makes something, it is necessary to use shards( or Crystals and Clusters).
Some needs 5 shards to make a thing so we need many shards.

But we have to gather some materials to make something so we don’t have any time to gather shards by ourselves.

Therefore many players buy shards on the market.

They are sold about 40 Gil per 1 shard in my world.
Many players are sold over 500 to 2000 shards wholesale. 

It is hard to gather shards by yourself.
So it is better your Retainer to be a Harvester or a Miner and go to gather shards as Retainer Ventures.

Selling Glamour Prisms

This is also stability to earn.

Glamour Prism can make Disciples of the Hand over 30 levels.

And it can be exchange for Company Seals so if you have extra Company Seals, I suggest to exchange and sell them on the market.

In my world, many players sells them 240 to 270 Gil per a Glamour Prisms.

Go to Duty Roulette

It can gain Gil just go to Duty Roulette.
If you go shortage role, you can get a bonus, so it can gain more Gil.

You can get some equipments in any contents and exchange them to Company Seals, you can sell Glamour Prisms!

In the End

I’ve introduced make Gil and it possible in early stage.

When your levels up, there are more contents that can make money.
But it can earn Gil to buy a house to do them which I introduced, so if you want to earn Gil, why don’t you try them?

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