Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Would I can make it to the All Saints’ Wake?
The 9th episode of HELLO WORLD is beginning.

Repelling Shot Learned

Silvairre who belonged to Archers’ guild trained me.

He always speaks so harshly so I’m not good with him.
In contract, Leih Aliapoh, the same guild member, is so cute.
He instructed to hit the targets in East Shroud.
The trained finished without difficulty.
I went back to report Silvairre then he instructed me the next training
That is to subdue Ixali.
“Why aren’t you coming” I thought that in my heart.
I beated Ixali, he admitted to join the guild.
He looked down on me as usual.
Huh! Who do you think you are?
Soon after that, my heart calmed down because Leih-chan complained the guild master about Silvairre made me dangerous situations.
She was super cute because she got angry for me.
I didn’t really matter about Silvairre.

I learned Repelling Shot froom this quest.

Battle of Carteneau

Kan-E-Senna invited me a ceremony.
Carpenters’ guild master gave me a wood mask that I wore in the ceremony.
It made from the Guardian Tree but it looks just suspicious.lol

It seems like assassination Kan-E-Senna haha.

And after this, I saw the Battle of Carteneau.

They couldn’t contact with Linkshell one after another and Eorzean Alliance were forced to withdraw.
Legacy players experienced this battle, it was so moving.

Ticket to Limsa Lominsa

I fall flat at the ceremony.
I visited Kan-E-Senna again.

Then she gave me a airship ticket to Limsa Lominsa.

It was first time to go to the other country.
People who good care of me came to see off me!

I arrived at Limsa Lominsa.

I am looking forward to what adventures are waiting for me.
But that’s all for today.

In the End

I could go to Limsa Lominsa,yeah!
But it only a little while to go to the Sastasha Seagrot.
Unfortunately, I can not make it to the All Saints’ Wake:'(

Thank you for reading.