Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).
This time’s HELLO WORLD is deciding a world.

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North America Data Center or European Date Center

Which Date Center would I choose, North America or European.
I searched on the Internet about the features, but I can’t find any sites written in Japanese.

So it is just my image,
North America Date Center: English is mother language for most of players.
European Date Center: English is not mother language for most of players but they use it as common language.

I think people who speak English as a mother language is better because they might can understand my poor English.
So I decided to play in North America Date Center.

Select a World

I make points of selecting world;
1. Possible to read
2. Easy to write
3. Develop a special attachment to the world

The name of each world are difficult to read and write because it is rare for me to see their name in English.

I narrowed down the world to Cactuar in Aether or Leviathan in Primal.
There are 2 congested world in Primal and I think Primal has a huge population so I decided to play in Leviathan.

This article is about the points of selecting world,

Slect a World Hi, I am Karin (@KarinMie_en). This article is about the Point to choose a world to play. 【 Select a DATA CENTER and a World】 First, beggining to play FF X...

In the End

I’ve decided my world, at last.
I can start to play next time!

Oops! It is impossible to take over UI so it will be start to set UI X-<

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