The Way to Set Up a Flag on the Map

The Way to Set Up a Flag on the Map

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

You may have the opportunity want to tell the place when you hang out with your friends in the field.
Then you can set up a flag.

What Is a Flag?

We can set up a flag on the map like this image.
To tell a coordinate to party member by flag, it makes easy to meet at the point.

How to Set Up a Flag

1. Open a map and decide the point to set up a flag.
2.Hover the mouse over at the pint then “ctrl + right click” or “L1 + R1 button”, a flag sets up on the map.
3.Be typed <flag> on your chat window, select the kind of chat like Party, and push Enter.

Then your flag can check the other players.
You can set up only a flag on the map.

In the End

When you go treasure hunts, this flag is always used.
Why don’t you try to set up a flag before go treasure hunts?

I hope this article is helpful for you.