Make Your Original Emote!

Make Your Original Emote!

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Emotes are necessary to communicate.
Do you know you can make your original emote?
This article is about how to make your original emote.

What are Emotes?

I’m sorry the images are written in Japanese.

Emotes express players’ feeling with expression or gesture.

Sometimes it can make communication beyond words due to combination expression and gesture.

There are many kinds of emotes and they are adding periodically.

The major way of getting;
-Learned from the beginning
-Getting from a quest
-Learned from Ballroom Etiquette
-Purchase from Optional Items
Getting emotes covered many different topics.

Check display log massage, your emote appear on your chat log.
Uncheck it, just do emote and no message on your chat log.

Make Your Original Emote

Original emote made by macros.

First, think a sentence which display on chat log.
The macro of emote is that;

/em ~

Example) /em is tickling <t>!

When using this macro, appear that message on chat log;
**(your character’s name) is tickling <t> (the name of target)!

But is is not enough because your character don’t acting yet.

So, next add actions.

Looking for nearly emote that you want to do from already exists.
This time I use “POKE”. 

/em  is tickling <t>! 
/poke motion

“POKE” emote is /poke.
Adding motion behind emote, that emote log doesn’t appear on chat log.

In the End

Here is the process.

-Original emotes made by macros
-Making sentence that display on chat log
-Adding actions

Original emotes have infinite possibilities.
Why don’t you make it?

Thank you for reading!