The Knack of Never Fail to Make a Character

The Knack of Never Fail to Make a Character

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Making Character is really important in online game.
The character is YOU in the game so don’t want to fall!

Sometimes, it takes hours only make a character so I couldn’t begin the game…

I wrote about the knack of make a character.
*I don’t mention of races, sex, and face types.

Races Make a Point of Looks

First, select a race.

Status are somewhat difference between races, but you can be every jobs if specific status is low.
Forexample, Lalafell have STR( offensive power of Melee DPS) low, but there is no reason that Lalafell cannnot play Melle DPS.

Status is just reference if you have some facorite races.
When you change your weapon, your job is change so it is easy to change your main job.

Change Field to Forest


I’m sorry the picture is written in Japanese.

Next, you choose height and face type.
Then you do at first, change the field.

Please look at circle scene the lower right in the picture.
Select forest field that circle yellow.

It is unfit to make a character in the beggining scene.
It is hard to see color cleary.

There are no same lighting in these scenes, bur forest is the nearest.
So I recommend to make a character in the forest field.

Zoom out

When you make a character, zoom in and see slight change.
But when we play the game, zoom out in dungeons.

So, it is important to check you character zooming out.
It will happen that it is cute your character in the close up, but when zoom out, it seems to be nasty looks.

Begin the Game a Temporary Character

There is a limit to make a character perfectly in this setting.
The lighting is a little bit difficult or there are only few emote actions…

So it is the only way to check your character in Eorzea ultimately!

Next, you will select a Class, then you choose a Class which begginig Limsa Lominsa or Gridania.

And you can see your character in the movie and can move your character.

However, there is a limit to make a character in a day.(It might be under 10.)

In the End

I know it is hard work to begin a temporary character, bur it will be attached to your character.

If you buy a Fantasia at Mog Station, you can change race, sex and looks.

Fantasia is addictive so use it in a planned way.