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What’s Going to Happen to Decline Duty Finder?

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

You might have such a case that is you do something while applying duty finder then your application has accepted but it is bad timing.
So you decline the application.
Be attention! There is a penalty for declining apply.


Penalty of Declining Duty Finder

About to Cancel of Duty Finder

To cancel of Duty Finder is to decline or to be running of time after confirmation of participation window appeared.
It is not correspond with this to cancel before your application has accepted.

Penalty of Duty Finder

You can’t apply to duty finder for 30 minutes when you decline or time out three times a day.

Why There Is a Penalty?

According to these results, it is thought that to implement the penalty.

There are people who sabotage or harass to repeat to cancel.

-Many players had declined
There were many decliners before to implement the penalty.
It used to occurs to miss to go dungeons.

In the End

It might be cramp if players manner is bad.

Don’t forget there are others and I hope FF XIV is the place to have fun playing.

Thank you for reading!

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