Alarm is Useful!

Alarm is Useful!

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Do you know there is alarm in FF XIV?
This alarm supports both of Local time and Eorzea time.

The Difference Between Alarm and Smartphone’s Timer

Both of them are tell me time by alarm so it is enough by smartphone’s one.

The different points are alarm in FF XIV supports Eorzea time and the alarm is displaying on the screen.

Examples to Use Alarm

Eorzea Time

It is written in Eorzea time gathering Unspoiled things and Legendary things for Gatherer.
So it is useful to set alarm in Eorzea time.

Local Time

You can use it meeting time with your friends or to attack savage contents with your regularly party.

How to Set

[My Character][Action List][EXTRA]→[Alarm]

Click the bottom button, then opening Alarm Edition.

The alarm is deleted when you log out FF XIV.
If you want to use the same alarm again, copy the text command that displayed in alarm edition on bottom right corner and paste it on macro.

In the End

It is useful for Gatherer.

If you have never use it, why don’t you try to use at once?

I hope this article is helpful for you.