Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I set a system config last time, it also reflected my main character’s.
It seems to common setting all of own characters.

Well, where did I get up to this time?
Let me write right now!

Join a Guild

I received the main quest from Mother Miounne, that is speak to Athelyna who is the receptionist of Archer guild.
I’m grateful for the making flow to join my job’s guild.
So I spoke to Athelyna and join the Archer guild.

Opening Aethernet Shards

I ran around Gridania and opened all Aethernet shards!
It’s getting easy to move. 🙂

The First Battle

The next main quest can receive above Lv.4.
I remembered that Archer guild’s quest.
The guild master ordered me to hunt a few monsters designated by her.
I wan planning to finish the quest while level grinding.
So I left the city.
At the moment, there were designated monsters so I started to attack them.
Wooooooooow! I could gain much experience points.
I hunt 2 enemies, my character’s  level up to 2.
Is this the benefit of the Aetheryte Earring?
It was easy to be level 4.

The next main quest from Mother Miounne seems to meet a NPC out of the Gridania.
But that’s all for today.

In the End

Wonderfully, I could get much experience points so it might be no difficultly with level grinding.
The Archer guild master gave me Hunting Log.
It isn’t need to level grinding but I wanted to complete it.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!