Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Last time, I had no time to meet Mother Miounne so it starts to visit her.

I opened many things this time.

Inn and Guildleaves Are Opened

I visited Mother Miounne and reported her my adventure until now.
Then Inn rooms and Guildleaves are opened.!

Inn rooms are not available from the beginning.
Adventures just began do not have a place to stay even they are tired.
Umm…it is really tough.

Contact with Chocobos

I went to Bentbranch Meadows, Central Shroud,I received a request to help to feed chocobos.
I love chocobos so did it with pleasure.
First, I went a patch of Gysahl Greens and reap them.

I got big an fresh vegetables!

Spending time with chocobos were really good.

They relieved the weariness of the adventure.


I opened the other contents.

Lavender Beds Aethernet


Duty Finder

In the End

I opened many things.

I am 13 level now, so I can try the Hall of Novice soon.
And All Saints’ Wake are held till November 1.
It requires upon level 15 and complete the quest “It’s Probably Pirates.”

I hope to make it just in time.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!