Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

The 6th episode of HELLO WORLD is starting.


Teleport Learned

Do you remember that teleport cannot use at the start?

I didn’t remember that so I ran field thinking when can I use teleport.

Then I found the first Aetheryte except Gridania city and I touched it.

YEAH! I learned teleport!
I opened Chocobo Porters.

Instanced Battle for the First Time

I received a request to examine at Spirithold, Central Shroud as a main scenario.
I rescued the missing conjures and Wood Wailers.
I moved forward, I found the injured Hearer.

I looked around, the big block of rocks were moving!

The battle was started because I had to rescue the Hearer.

After this instanced battle, I had to visit Mother Miounne, but I planned to swing by.

The First Visit to Lavender Beds

I could visit Lavender Beds so I went there at once.

The balance of water and greens are pretty good.

By the way, my Free Company built a house.
It stands in The Goblet.
I want to go the house when I can go The Goblet.

In the End

Cause of swing by Lavender Beds, I had no time to see Mother Miounne.
So I’ll start next HELLO WORLD to see her.

I completed the Hunting Log from level 1-10.
I like to complete anything like this.

Thank you for reading and see you next HELLO WORLD.

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