Things From FF VII in FF XIV

Things From FF VII in FF XIV

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Final Fantasy VII was released last week!

Have you ever played it?
There are things come over FF XIV from FF VII.

Advent Attire

They are Cloud’s gear from Advent Children.
You can get it by Veteran Rewards rank 1(60 days).

SDS Fenrir

This is also from FF VII Advent Children.

It is an optional item and you can purchase it at Mog Station.

It already increase the speed a first stage everywhere.
The riding BGM is “Crazy Motorcycle”.


Wind-up Aerith

Wind-up Cloud

Wind-up Tifa

Every minions can buy at Mog Station.

Modern Aesthetics- Strife

This is a prize such as official contest winner.
So it is the really rare item.

Sources From FF XII

-Manderville Gold Saucer
-Knights of Round
-Tiny Bronco(airship)

In the End

There are many original things from every Final Fantasy series.

There might be more things from FF VII.

Why don’t you play both FF XIV and FF VII.

I hope you’re enjoyed from this article.