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[Heavenswards] Stench Blossom [Rank A Elite Mark]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I introduce about “Stench Blossom”, it is a Rank A Elite Mark in Heavensward region.


Stench Blossom

Stench Blossom is a Rank A Elite Mark appeared in Azys Lla.

Words from Aytienne, the Hunt NPC
Yep, you heard that right─we’ve put a bounty on a flower. ‘Course, it’s not just any flower. It’s not just any mark, neither. Only the most fearsome bits of shrubbery get given elite mark status.
The stench blossom’s a monstrous man-eating plant that’s long been extinct in Eorzea, but this merchant’s got it on good authority they’re still up there on the Allagans’ floating island. …If you count the whisperings of a pebble as “good authority.”
Still, if those monstrosities really are up there, and their spores were ever blown down on the wind and took root in Eorzea again… Well, it doesn’t bear thinking about. If there’s any chance she’s right, whoever destroyed that plant would be doing the world a great service.

How to Defeat

This is Heavensward’s Rank A Elite Mark so if your job level is over 80, it isn’t difficult to defeat even solo.

It is a Rafflesia-type monster, so it seems to spread poison or something, but surprisingly it does not do so.
You can defeat it by just pushing hard.

In the End

You can get Centurio Seals when you defeat Elite Marks.
Centrio Seals can exchange some items or Aetheryte Ticket.
If you find any Elite Marks, why don’t you try to defeat them?

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