Sightseeing Log 014 [SHADOWBRINGERS]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). This article is about “the place of Sightseeing Log 014 (SHADOWBRINGERS)”. If you don’t want to know the place, please returning to the previous page. Impressions To see the log, an impression is below. In my wanderings through Lakeland, I found myself pausing in wide-eyed wonder as I looked out upon the view before me. I knew that I must capture this sight in ink, lest others simply pass it by. Location Place : Lakeland(X: 8.7 Y:22.9 Z:0.6) It’s on a cliff. Emote : Lookout After Accomplishment After accomplishment the log, “impressions” changes to “Vista Record”. The Hour of Certain Durance These crumbling ruins are all that remains of a Lakeland prison. To the east, at the base of the cliff, can be seen another memory of the past─the domiciles of the prison wardens. Once known by a less-somber name, “Mortal Irons” is thought to better reflect the settlement’s abandoned state and the transient fate of its residents. In the End Here is a beautiful spot, trees are specific color in the First, you can see Crystarium, and there is lake. There aren’t many players such a beautiful spot, so you can have the view all […]

Board the Ship at Costa del Sol

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Have you ever ridden the floating ship at Costa del Sol?I introduce about the ship. The Ship at Costa del Sol This is the ship.It floats here. The Way to Board It’s impossible to embark by swimming. The easiest way is by flying.You can’t fly yet, you can go there to speak to a ferry skipper. The ferry skipper is here.(X:33.5 Y:29.7)  To select “Board the Rhotano Privateer“. The View from the Ship It floats in the sea so you can see beautiful view every direction. Here is good place to speak and relax with friends because it rarely to visit other players. In the End Why don’t you visit there when you want to take a break or have a date? Thank you for reading!

The View from the Sirensong Sea Has Changed

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).I’ve heard that the scenery of the Sirensong Sea is beautiful so I went there to investigate! About the Sirensong Sea The Sirensong Sea is a Lv.61 dungeon. With the aid of Captain Carvallain and his Misery, you and your companions have embarked on a lengthy voyage to the Far East. Alas, no voyage across the five seas is entirely uneventful. The ship has been dragged off course by a mysterious force, and the men have begun to whisper of strange “things” in the water. Needless to say, you and your fellow adventurers will be having none of that. Once the ship reaches its unknown destination, you will go ashore and deal with whatever fiends you find.(from the Loadstone) This dungeon is beginning on the Misery, and the weather is really bad so I have an impression that the dungeon is poor visibility. Post-game the Sirensong Sea I’ve heard that after beating the final boss, back to the start to recall, I can see beautiful sea. So I was back to the start position, it was…  beautiful view in front of my eyes! In the End Such an attenion to detail is one of good part of FF […]

Where is Your Favorite Place to See Fireworks? [3 cities]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). The fireworks are so beautiful during The Rising.I introduce about fireworks that can see from Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dah. Limsa Lominsa I took is near the Adventurer’s Guild.You can see fireworks closest in 3 cities. Gridania I took it near the Aetheryte Plaza.There are many trees in Gridania so they are characteristic that the fireworks seen through the trees. Ul’dah I took it near the Adventurer’s Guild.They are impressive what the fireworks seen on a straight line from the city. a Little Something Extra The fireworks from housing areas of 3 cities. The Mist You can see fireworks from the sea so there are nothing shut out the view.It might be good to see fireworks while swimming in the sea. The Lavender Bed It took from my yard. The Goblet It took from roof of my house. In the End Where is your favorite place to see fireworks?Each cities have characteristic so every one of fireworks are attractive. When you are tired in the adventure, it is good to look up sky and see fireworks.

Let’s Search for a Beautiful Piece of Scenery [Aurora]

Hello, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en). Do you know that we can see aurora in FF XIV?It was the first time to see aurora and t was so beautiful.So I wrote about aurora. Spot You can see it in Coerthas Western Highlands. When you hear aurora, cold area comes to mind.So it is the perfect area.(By the way, Ishgard occurred to my mind, haha) Requirement It is clear weather from 0 o’clock Eorzea time. You mignt to think “is that all?”, but it usually snow in Coerthas Western Highlands.It is rare the fine day. And, you can see it by 4 o’clock Eorzea time. Skywatcher tells you the weather or you can search on the Internet. A Little Something Extra You can see aurora attack to Shiva.It always appear so you can see aurora easily. In the End Aurora is so beautiful so I want you to see it! Get a weather information from Skywatcher, and it seems to appear aurora, it is important to secure a spot.When I saw aurora, the place I wanted to take screen shots, there was player already.So I recommend to go earlier.