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[FFXIV] Containment Bay S1T7(Extreme) #2 [CO-OP]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I went for revenge to Sephirot!



Jobs were as same as last time.
Ekott: Paladin (Tank)
Karin: Scholar (Healer)

Succeed to Attack

First Half Phase

This phase is the fight before giant Sephirot.
There were nothing problems so it was okay just attack Sephirot until “Fiendish Rage”.

[Adds Phase]
This phase is also easy.
Just kiss enemies when they pop-up.
They burst when they are defeated so it’s better to spell effect like Regeon.
You don’t need to care of the order to defeat.

First half phase is up to here.
It’s kind for meathead, like me, this phase can pass just by attacking.

Second Half Phase

From now on, we fought to giant Sephirot.
We need to understand the gimmicks from here. 

When the second half of phase begins, the floor will soon flash yellow.

We started to move after yellow flashing.

After that, Sephirot put green and orange balls from his hand.

To see own debuff color, and move to the ball as same as color your the debuff.
Then the towers were appeared, and connected by a line with Sephirot.
-Green : Move in front of the stage
-Orange : Move into the tower

If there is a healer, it’s better to create barriers for each players because the damage of the towers are too much.

The blue circle appeared, staying at out of the circle because a knock back is incoming.

When knocking back, be aware of the following;
-To stand do not fall down.
~Don’t stay the green damaged floor.

It’s coming Yesad at the same time, it doesn’t die if you receive it, so make it a top priority not to fall.

It cannot to revive when you fall!

After the blue circle, we fight in front of the stage till a knock back.
Towers are appeared while this time, it won’t die if you leave it.

After knock back, adds again.
Defeated them, Sephirot HP was 0.8% left and we keep attacking and knock him down!

In the End

I was so relieved to win this time, after the disappointment I felt last time.
It took fifth attack.(;’∀’)
I don’t have Sephirot bird, and it didn’t drop this time so I have to defeat him again.
I hope it beat down smoothly at at time.

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