Fashionable Item “Calfskin Rider’s Cap”

Fashionable Item “Calfskin Rider’s Cap”

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Today, I introduce about “Calfskin Rider’s Cap”, add in patch 5.4.
I’m very lucky that my friend made it for me!


<front and back>



It’s dyeing except for the logo.

Hair Style

Here are a few hairstyles for wearing the cap.

<with bangs>

<without bangs>

<Up do>
Tie hair, like ponytail or bunches, put hair up in the cap.

<short hair>


-Job: Leatherworker
-Recipe: Master Leatherworker VIII

– Calf Leather 1
– Megalania Leather 3
– Earth Crystal 7
– Wind Crystal 7

In the End

I think my character isn’t fit without bangs so I always choose hairstyle with bangs.
This cap, however, makes my character cute without bangs.
So I recommend this to anyone who’s ever had similar problems.
It fits a wide variety of clothes, so you can expand your fashion ranges:)