A Happy New Year! [2021]

A Happy New Year! [2021]

Hi, it’s Karin(@KarinMie_en).

When I realized 2020 passed away and 2021 is beginning.
This is the first post in 202 so I look-back in 2020.

My 2020

My goal of 2020 were
-To update this blog frequently
-To play video games more than 2019

Updating the blog frequently
I wrote more than 100 post so I accomplished it.

Playing video games
I can’t be achieved it.(´;ω;`)

2020 was full of changes for me.
I resigned in January and I studied for new job at school for about a half of year from February.
After graduate the school, I had begun job-hunting and thankfully, I have started to work from October.
I had to study to begin new job because I am new at my new job so I spent much time to study in my free time.
So there is little time to play video games.


This is the year to spend much time to play games!
In the last couple of years, FF XIV is the game which I played.
In 2021, I want to play other than FF XIV.
Especially, I’m interested in cooperative games.
If you have recommended games, please tell me.

In the End

I didn’t countdown this year so I can’t believe 2021 is starting.

Thank you for everything in 2020.
Let’s make it another great year!