Yo-kai Watch Collabo Collection [Robonyan F-type]

Yo-kai Watch Collabo Collection [Robonyan F-type]

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

This time is Robonyan F-type.

Musket of the Metal Cat

-Job: DRK
-Equipable level: 30

[Drawing weapon]

[Sheathing weapon]



In Japanese, it says power saving now.
It difficult for me how difference between sleep mode and power saving:-( 

In the End

This is Yo-kai Watch collabo Robonyan F-type part.
It is the only robot character from this collabo.
I like its eyes when it closes its eyes.

The weapons from this collabo’s are originals and some of them are cute.
If you like the looks, why don’t you gather one?