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[Minion]How to Get Castaway Chocobo Chick

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

This article is about “Castaway Chocobo Chick” looks and how to get it.


Minion : Castaway Chocobo Chick

You won’t hear this from his beak, but the chocobo chick you rescued from the sea’s slippery grasp cannot actually swim─the only thing keeping the bird afloat is a life preserver some kind sailor tossed from his ship before sailing off into the sunset.

How to Get

You can get it by fishing.
Location and conditon are below.

LocationLa Noscea – Eastern La Noscea
North Isle of Endless Summer
Fishing TacklePill Bug

Fisihing tackle can be purchased for 2 gil from a tool shop in each city.

1.First, fish for Merlthor Goby with pill bugs.
2.Mooched from Merlthor goby to Wahoo.
3.Mooched from Wahoo to Castaway Chocobo Chick.

Fishing Log:Castaway Chocobo Chick

Though bred specially for traversing the Five Seas and beyond, this captivating cloudkin slipped away from his stables before his swimming lessons were complete, and as a result, can barely keep upright in water without the aid of his trusty life preserver.

In the End

If you don’t go with the mindset of fishing over several days in Eorzea time, it may not be easy to catch fish.
It took me about 3 days in Eorzea time.

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