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[Minion]The Way to Get Wind-up Ifrit

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

There is an item called “Ifrit’s Horn” that drops at Ifrit.

Today I will introduce the Wind-up Ifrit, a minion that can be made from Ifrit’s Horn.


Minion: Wind-up Ifrit

That Ifrit becomes so cute as a minion.
His horns and tail are glowing red.

To celebrate your slaying of the fell primal, the Weavers’ Guild crafted scores of these lifelike replicas which were, much to the chagrin of Ul’dah’s youth, immediately snatched up by wealthy collectors and locked away for no one to see.

How to Get

It is Master Weaver III recipe item.

Blood Pepper 1
Chimerical Felt 1
Crawler Silk 1
Ifrit’s Horn 1
Fire Shard 99

Other ways, you can buy on the market or exchange 20,000 company seals to Materiel Container 3.0.

In the End

Be careful not to mistake Ifrit’s Horn for the similarly named “Inferno Horn”.
Dropped at The Bowl of Embers (Hard): Ifrit’s Horn
Dropped at The Bowl of Embers (Extreme): Inferno Horn

Thank you for reading:)

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