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How to Get the “Elucidate” Emote

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

There are many emotes in FFXIV.
When I see an emote that someone is using, I wonder, “Where can I get that emote?”

Today, I will tell you about how to get the emote “Elucidate“.


Elucidate Emote

It will be an emote to explain by holding up the index finger with a bish.

How to Get

It can exchange by 15,000 Wolf Mark to Ballroom Etiquette – Stimulating Soliloquies.
And using it, you can learn the emote.

In the End

It required 15,000 Wolf Mark so it may be difficult to obtain for those who are not good at PvP.

You might get tired of fighting a lot of battles, so I recommend you to save up steadily at the Frontline roulette.
You’ll also level up, so if you have a job in the middle of leveling up, you kill two birds with one stone!

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