Let’s Get Minions!

Let’s Get Minions!

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Players, who just beginning FF XIV, think what are minions.
This article is about minions.

What Are Minions

Minions = pets walk with you in FF XIV.

There aren’t any skills and growing up these are big diffence from Summoner’s pets.

They jusi walk with you.
Players cannot command or operation.

The kind of minions are increasing from patches.
Minions are one of a game element to collect them or to walk with your favorite one.

How to Get

The way to get minions are below;

  • quest reward
  • make by crafters
  • gathering
  • buy from shops
  • reward of dungeon cleared
  • exchange achievement point
  • bonus itmes with official books or official CDs

You canget minions just playing FF XIV.
Some minions can sell on the market and rare one can make gil.

Registar And Summon

When you get minions, they are in iventory.
Choose a minion and select “use” from item menu, you can register it on minion guide.

To set the minion on hotbar, you can summon and retun it.
And you can summon a minion directly from minion guide.

To Collect Minions…

Minions are one of a game element to collect them.

But there are reasons to collect them.

  • To match Lord of Verminion at Gold Saucer
  • To get title awarded of achievement “Minion Collecter”

Some minions to answer my emote or do special actions when particular minions are near.

In the End

There are many minions in FF XIV.
Why don’t you find your favorite one?

Thank you for reading!