Let’s Get Equipment at the Hall of the Novice!

Let’s Get Equipment at the Hall of the Novice!

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

If you are just beginning to play FF XIV, you don’t have enough money to update your equipment.
You may worry what should do your role in the party.

The Hall of the Novice solve all of them.

What is the Hall of the Novice?

It is like a tutorial and it explain the rule of battle and what your role should do in the battle.

This content is solo and you can practice the way to fight for each roles.

There is a graduation exam and when you pass it, you can get the Brand-new Ring.
The ring is good item because increase EXP earned by 30% when level 30 and below.

How to Challenge

Speak to The Smith NPCs located at the Adventures’ Guilds in each city when your level is upon 15.

When speaking the NPC, window like this image will open.
Then click “Begin”, a tutorial will be stating.

The Hall of the Novice Loot

There are 3 kind of Brand-new equipment
Left : Brand-new Rove series (fro Magic)
Middle : Novice’s Cuirass series (for Tank)
Right : Brand-new Tabard series (for War)

What Level are the Brand-new Equipment Useful?

They are useful around level 23 to 25.

When the Brand-new equipment become useless, you can update your equipment from any quests which can get equipment or dungeons.

While level 15 to 23, you don’t need other equipment so it is better to choose Allgan Bronze Piece as reward.

Things That Cannot Learn at the Hall of the Novice

[DPS] Limit Break

DPS use Limit Break in dungeon, basically.
At boss fight, feel free to use it.

For a boss: melee DPS > ranged DPS
For some enemies: ranged DPS> melee DPS

[Except Tank] Assist Macro

To attack same enemy which Tank attacked one.
But is is hard to find the enemy.

In this case, assist macro is helpful.

/as <2>

That is.

Tank is the second on the party list.
This macro direct to target as same as <2> player’s.

Stun and Silence

The Hall of the Novice teaches players how to avoid area of effect.
But there is a way don’t need to avoid area of effect.

When you see area fo effect, use Stun.
The enemy’s attack is canceled.

[Healer] Dispel

Party members are abnormal condition, like poison, dispel it quickly.

In the End

You can learn basic of each role.
Brand-new equipment is useful til level 23 to 25.
The Brand-new Ring is the item increase EXP til level 30.

The way to fight by solo and with party are different.
Why don’t you go to the Hall of the Novice before trying to go to Sastasha Seagrot?

Thank you for reading!