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Looks of White Mages’ AF5

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

This article is about White Mage’s AF5(Artifact gear).


What’s AF?

AF gear is abbreviated as artifact armor, it is simply job-specific armor.
One of each job is implemented per expansion.
※The added jobs are implemented from the added version.

AF Version Requirement Level
AF1 A Realm Reborn 45(Body is required 50)
AF2 Heavensward 60
AF3 Stormblood 70
AF4 Shadowbringers 80
AF5 Endwalker 89

How to Get the AF5

AF5 can be obtained by completing the main scenario of Endwalker, “A Bold Decision“.

You can receive them by Varsarudh at Old Sharlayan.

If you have thrown them away, you can talk to her again to reacquire them.

Looks of White Mages’ AF5

< Front >

< back >

Parts Item Name
Weapon Xoanon
Head Theophany Circlet
Body Theophany Robe
Hands Theophany Shortgloves
Legs Theophany Skirt
Feet Theophany Thighboots

It is a cute looking white and red equipment that is typical of white mages.
It features ruffles and ribbons.


Dyeing will be unlocked when you complete Endwalker’s role quests of Healer .

These are stained general-purpose Jet Black Dye all over.

In the End

It is pretty in its original color, or it could be used in a darker stain to make it not too pretty.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this artcile;)

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