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[Triple Triad] Acquired By Cheatingway

Hi,this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

FFXIV has an abundance of collectibles, one of which is the Triple Triad card.
This article is about the card acquired from “Cheatingway”, the Triple Triad NPC.

This article contains spoilers for the Endwalker.
Please note if you have not yet completed the story.



Cheatingway is a NPC at Old Sharlayan.
It isnt’t appeared unless the story is advanced.

PlaceOld Sharlayan(X:11.0, Y:8.9)
Nearest AetheryteThe Studium
Prerequisite QuestHer Children, One and All
RulesSwap, Plus + Regional Rules

Card Rewards

There are two type of cards available.

No.317 Loporrit Card

A race of creatures resembling rabbits and living in Mare Lamentorum. In truth, they are arcane entities assigned by Hydaelyn to crew the star’s great ark─the moon. For centuries have they labored in secret, exchanging clandestine communications with the Sharlayans and patiently preparing for the coming of the Final Days.

No.318 Argos Card

A familiar crafted by Venat the ancient. At first blush, it appears to be a canine covered in flaxen fur, but in reality it is an entity composed almost exclusively of pure aether. Following the sundering, this creature has been employed to assist those who oversee the moon.

In the End

Because the rules were difficult, we often lost and were not very good opponent.

By the way, his name “Cheatingway” is interesting.
When he won the game, he said “I’m not cheating”.
You can see how he cute looks when you won the game.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article.

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