How to Get Titanic Cragsoul Lamp

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Today, I introduce about the outdoor furnishing “Titanic Cragsoul Lamp.


Outdoor Furnishing: “Titanic Cragsoul Lamp

It is a large lantern with a great presence.
Lights can be turned on and off with a switch.
The main unit rotates when the light is on.

How to Get

This is Goldsmith craft item.

– Earth Crystal 10
– Rose Gold Ingot 2
– Darksteel Nugget 4
– Crag Heart 1
– Frosted Glass Lens 2
– Tallow Candle 4

Crag Heart obtain from The Navel (Extreme).
*Titan’s Heart, dropped by Titan, from The Navel, is the different item so be careful.

In addition, it can get from Lockboxes from The Bozjan Southern Front.
Or it can purchase on the market board.

In the End

The Navel (Extreme) is easy to clear by only a player now, so the production difficulty level is low.
Why don’t you try to craft one?

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