Mounts Which Can Get to Exchange MGP

Mounts Which Can Get to Exchange MGP

Hello, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

Have you ever used MGP?
MGP exchangeable for wonderful mounts.



It walks with a quick step on the ground, and it flies…

It is emitting fire as it ultrafast spins.


Archon Throne

This is the throne that Strix, the final boss of The Great Gubal Library (Hard), stands on.

Koropokkur Kolossus

This is bigger Koropokkur.
It is cute to move as it hopping.

My recommend point is a big drop is bouncing looking down from above.


It is familiar with Any Way the Wind Blows.
It made me disappoint that it cannot use its gale force nasal erupitons.X-<

MGP: 1,000,000


It looks so cool!

It wraps around ice when it flies.

MGP: 2,000,000

Sabotender Emperador

It is gorgeous the size and the lightning.
It uses balloons to fly so it stand out in the sky!

In the End

There are 6 exchangeable mounts now.
How many mounts do you have?

I hope this article helpful for you!