[Minion]The Way to Get Meerkat

[Minion]The Way to Get Meerkat

Hi, this is Karin(@KarinMie_en).

I introduce about “the way to get Meerkat minion and its looks”.

Minion: Meerkat

Native to lands bordering the Sea of Ash, these small beastkin dwell in underground colonies, emerging from their burrows as the sun rises in order to bask in the warmth. Curiosity brought this creature to a submersible undergoing repairs on the shore, and it hasn’t looked back since.

How to Get

It can get from submarine voyages.

1.Coldtoe Isle -The Catacombs of the Father
2.The Open Robe -The Midden Pit
3.The Stone Barbs -Sea of Jade 1
4.Bladefall Chasm -The Forest of Kelp

You can get it from any of the above.

And it also available from the market board.

In the End

To get this minion from submarine voyages, it is required higher ranks.
At The Open Robe -The Midden Pit, the other minion “Sliver Dasher” also available so it might be a good idea to target them at the same time.
I will introduce about Silver Dasher another time.

Thank you for reading;)